Book Review: MarcoAntonio&Amaryllis by Y. Correa

Blurb: The year 1585. The Anglo-Spanish War. England invaded Spain for crops, land and supplies. A war had started. Land against land. People against people. Hatred, despise and intolerance were a way of life. Why were they so apposed to one and other? No one knows for sure. MarcoAntonio, was a Spanish gentleman and knight. Amaryllis, an English lady. Prohibited from being together. Taboo romance. Intermingling of bloodlines was sinful and forbidden. Interracial love affair in the Middle Ages...? Yes! That was exactly it! Though, their love was not allowed, they loved each other regardless. What would it bring? What would the outcome be? How would they overcome? Passion. Adventure. Paranormal. Interracial. The combination for a great and powerful love story! “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”... LOVE is the result of ALL things conquered!

Review by Permanent Reviewer:

 Name: Kobby Tetteh Gyampoh
 Age: 18
 Occupation: Author
Fav. Genre: Chciklit

 Forbidden love. Dark Magic. A dashing hero. A not-herself-most-of-the-novel heiress. A beautifully plotted novel set in the 14th century.  Shakespeare can toss and turn in his grave (with envy) for all Y.Correa cares!

“Ma' lady already is aware that I am a man of few words. So, I shall not waste any more time with needless words and I will ask you again, ma' lady... once more... Just one kiss...?”

The very mention of the above words plunges the reader into a Romeo and Juliet setting. Truly it becomes a Romeo and Juliet setting with the hero, MarcoAntonio being below her window and Amaryllis looking down at him.

MarcoAntonio is a Spanish knight who certainly fits the Knight In Shining Armor category with his dashing looks and amazing body he carries around naked in two occasions in the novel. Sweet. He’s smitten by the charms of Amaryllis, an English woman who fits the English Rose bill with her fine hair and captivating smile. The two fight to overcome their love (though MarcoAntonio does most of the fighting and Amaryllis most of the crying.)

Amaryllis is sent to a cult-like group called The Sisterhood after being caught in bed with the dashing hero where she’s possessed by Mother Haydie, the goddess of The Sisterhood. MarcoAntonio not knowing the whereabouts of his lady after being imprisoned in a dungeon by Amaryllis’ father, seeks to find her at all costs with Rye, a gypsy woman disguised in the clothes of a man after an incident that changes her life brutally and his brother Damian, a guy whose charms surpasses that of the main hero (I must say).

With Rye’s sense of humor that gives the novel more appeal besides the numerous moments of passion between evil and good, Damian’s ineluctable charms, MarcoAntonio’s strength and swiftness in slicing his sword through his foes and Amaryllis’ split personality (being possessed by Mother Haydie and her mind which isn’t a formidable opponent to the goddess’ powers) this books proves to be a very delightful read and leaves a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on the reader’s mind when the epic battle is fought and all problems settled.

In the end, there’s the lesson that love conquers all and not even the most sinister villain that would make all other villains cry (with admiration) could stop it. I couldn’t drop this book once I started (or rather, close Adobe Reader). You don’t have to be a fan of historical romance, archaic language and very well-coordinated love-making to adore this piece.

Writing about dark magic entangled with equally dark passion and tongue-in-cheek humor, Y. Correa is definitely an author to look forward to. You don’t want to miss this title. Again, it’s free till next month at Smashwords.

Look no further for a summer read.

My rating:  1 star1 star1 star1 star 4/5

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