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Anticipating the blog's premiere post next month on the first of July. Currently, we are about reviewing a work from Y. Correa. Her book, MarcoAntonio&Amaryllis has caught our attention. We need more permanent reviewers to begin our premiere post featuring this author's work. All who are interested in being permanent reviewers should refer to the Contact Us (Now) page.

 Check out the book's description below:

The year 1585. The Anglo-Spanish War. England invaded Spain for crops, land and supplies. A war had started. Land against land. People against people. Hatred, despise and intolerance were a way of life. Why were they so apposed to one and other? No one knows for sure. MarcoAntonio, was a Spanish gentleman and knight. Amaryllis, an English lady. Prohibited from being together. Taboo romance. Intermingling of bloodlines was sinful and forbidden. Interracial love affair in the Middle Ages...? Yes! That was exactly it! Though, their love was not allowed, they loved each other regardless. What would it bring? What would the outcome be? How would they overcome? Passion. Adventure. Paranormal. Interracial. The combination for a great and powerful love story! “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”... LOVE is the result of ALL things conquered!

Officially, since its going to be on the blog, this book is free to all followers on condition of writing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. But currently, it's going for free till next month at: Smashwords.  Help us throw light on this well-written romantic novel.  

That's all.

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