Killer Review: While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

My Synopsis

Imagine This: In a game of hide-and-seek, you close your eyes and count to a hundred... THEN YOUR DAUGHTER GOES MISSING. 

You are frazzled, you've been searching all over the park for her. Either she's suddenly become a great hider or... you don't want to think of the possibilities! 

The police come into the scene. Pretty useless as always, looking within your family for suspects.

You realize she's been taken away. You pray whoever took her is not a paedophile-psycopath.

Well, you are in luck. Whoever took her is not a stranger. But they may not be willing to give her back (if you are not looking in the right places).

The game of hide-and-seek is waged and Linda Dale's life begins falling apart.

My Review 

First of all, good book! I love the storyline. Although not unique in that OMG, I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK-sense, it's the kind of goodness you expect of a novel within the child-goes-missing-mother-is-searching-for-her genre. A star to the storyline.—★

The two main characters are well-developed. Linda Dale, the mother of the missing girl. And the other person who has snatched up the girl. They are both given first-person point-of-views in this novel, and their voices are very distinct because... yeah, one is the distraught mother and the other is a psycho with a messed-up head.—★★

Other characters you'd love are, Vince, Linda's dad who would stop at nothing to get back her daughter. There's also Ella, the missing daughter who won't stop with the funny questions. There's the kidnapper, who's cynicism comes off funny at times (should have pointed this above). You would also love Matthew, the son to the crazy kidnapper who has his own narrative as well as the main characters.—★★★

A feature I love about this book is that it makes the kidnapper really known from the start. Yet, this has no bearing on the suspense of this book, as it gets suspenseful with each ticking day.—★★★★

My rating: A four-point-five star. (4.5/5stars).

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a title that's a split between a thriller and women's fic. If you love books featuring missing characters, go get this. Perhaps, you also want a well-written book? This book is that more. 

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