Month of Love Review: Not That Easy by Randika Sanghani

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My Synopsis 

Imagine This: You hold an unpaid internship in a publication where your Evil Boss asks you for nothing but tea runs.

You have recently moved into a shared-appartment you can't afford with your friends. And everyday, it takes a mountain to convince your mum you need money to pay your rent (and cook the greek foods she's so passionate about you eating).

Your romantic life is not getting any better after the guy who poked your virginity run off leaving your VJ suffering from a case chlamydia.

But who cares about romance? Maybe you don't. Because you've decided to fuck your way through London marking the points in which you orgasm.

But apparently, orgasming is not so easy at all. All the men you keep seeing can't reach your spot. But perhaps, what if, you don't have a spot to begin with...

Then your boss decides to exploit your dating/sexing life for the benefit of the magazine.

Ellie Kolstakis' elusive g-spot summarized for your delight.

My Review 

I liked this book.

Not so unique storyline as we've seen lots of this stuff in so many commercial titles. But this is fun all the same. Girl plans to enjoy as much sex as she can, because really, who wants to fall in love in their twenties these days. A star to the storyline.—★

You'd love Ellie's voice. Not laugh out loud funny, but you'd be kept smiling for most of the time. Her exploits are equally hilarious and so are her views on sex, relationships and crushes. A star.—★★

Other cast you'd adore are Emma, the friend and roomie who considers slut as an empowerment term—she'd high-five you if you call her one. You'd also love Lara, she's super-interested in this guy who won't take her serious, so she's showing him in her own special way she won't take him seriously too. There's also Maxine, the Evil Boss.—★★★ 

Well, for most part of the novel, I couldn't figure out who Ellie would end up with (or the last person she's going to have sex with). So you could call this unpredictable.—★★★★

My rating: Four out of five stars.

It's Not That Easy is available on Amazon

I recommend it to anyone who loves their chick-lit down, dirty and funny.

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