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My Synopsis 

Imagine This: You don't have the most inspiring job, but you have the world's adorable boss. You have an amazing network of friends who you can get thrashed with on a friday night. And you have a boyfriend.

He's just your boyfriend. He has no special, surprising traits although he's so caring and likes one too many lint-free sweaters. He's just... nice, and kind. And he's asked you to move in. But... err... But nothing! You guess you'd move in with him then.

So when a company approaches you claiming they have the world's best match systems and can pair you with your soulmate... you begin to wonder if your safe, surprise-free boyfriend (whom your parents adore) could be your soulmate. I mean, if you were with your soulmate already why would this company approach you? Cutting edge technology can't go wrong, right?

Except you didn't see the twist coming. 

Percy James' romantic-life summarized for your delight. 

I loved this book! Don't be fooled. The storyline doesn't seem unique: Girl wonders if her boyfriend is her soulmate. But it has a surprising, delicious twist (—way before you read half of it!) that would keep you laughing, spewing your wine, opening your mouth for a few more minutes, before continuing to read a book that ceases to be ordinary chicklit and becomes something different! A star to the storyline.—★

Yay! You'd adore Percy James! OMG, her voice! She's so funny! You wouldn't be able to keep your jaws from shaking just reading her POV. Thank God its written in first-person so you get to read only her marvellous narrative and no one else's. You'd love her interest in exotic activities, how much like the rest of us she keeps updating her CV to suit popular interests—not interests/hobbies tried per se! Brill! A star.—★★

You won't be able to put this book down if you are a sucker for great  characters! There's Mel, the work colleague who's been in a relationship with Micheal Buble for, like, forever and doesn't think Percy is suited with her boyfriend. There's also Lou, Charlie and Jaye, the three friends since childhood who represent our lead's besties! There's Maggie, our lead's grandmother who dares to play Single Ladies on the day of her wedding (with a younger tattooed man!). There's also Percy's mother who just won't stop meddling. Lots and lots of brilliant characters whom I can't mention. A star.—★★★

You read in so many commercial titles out there that they are such a fun, feel-good, LOL read when most of them are... not so much funny as they claim and you only find witty and funny lines done-before. Well, this book is not one of those! So, yes, this deserves a star!—★★★★

I'm not saying the twist saved this book. Yeah, it was amazing the twist came in. But with or without it, this book would have still been amazing! Plus that one twist sure isn't the end of twists so more reason to go grab this unpredictable title—★★★★★

My rating:  Obviously a five out of five stars!

Just Haven't Met You Yet is available on Amazon. Just go get it and thank me later!

I recommend this book to anyone who just... wants their first funniest read of 2016! Anyone who's been looking for a lead to relate to should just go grab this title. And if you feel like you are the kind no author can knock you off your seat with a twist... well, you are so shallow-thinking... you should go get this!

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