Summer Book Review: The Good Girl by Fiona Neill

Imagine This: You are the mother of three amazing children. Though they hate you for being headmistress of their school who brought into effect the appropriate length of school-uniform skirts and a ban on mobile phones being used in the classroom.

Everything’s going perfect, really. Your husband, a neuroscientist, is being supportive at home picking up your children and having dinner on the table before you get back from work. You admit your working hours doesn’t favour you putting your youngest to sleep but you could work around it.

Then the storm hits. A video is brought to your complaint. A sex video in which your perfect straight-A daughter is the lead actress starring alongside a penis. Then suddenly, everything isn’t as it seems.

Who’s the owner of this penis? Why can’t you take the video off the internet? Why does the world have a fetish for children under the age of seventeen engaging in immoral sexual acts?

Most importantly, why did you daughter do this?—a question which leads to powerful secrets you thought you’d shut the lid on after you began a new life.

Ailsa Field’s puzzling and tragic life summed up for your delight.


Whew! Thank God, I finally let go off this book to write this review informing you to go buy the hell out of it!
Fantastic Storyline. I am so ashamed I have never read anything by Fiona Neill. She’s brilliant… as you all might know already. But this book is something else.  So Woman’s battling to make her life seem perfect. She has everything together. Until the new neighbours move in. And her family would never be the same again. Of course, it’s easy to shift the blame on the new neighbours. But unknowingly, she finds the new neighbours were just a catalyst for what was already bound to happen. Amazing storyline.── ★

This is one of the few well-researched novels out there, people! It has so much info on the innings of the brain I wondered if I’d stepped into a wrong lecture and was being rewarded (not bombarded) with so much enlightening stuff. I also wondered how long Fiona Neill took to cram all that stuff into penning this insightful novel—I imagined her editors persistently emailing her for her first 10,000. Brilliant information on neuroscience, slut-shaming and the woes of the internet age. A star.── ★★

It’s one of the few books that would make you love internal monologue! Told in the voices of a mother reacting to events before and after the catastrophe—in third person, and a daughter giving her honest view of what her parents are not aware of—first person, it’s engaging and captivating!── ★★★

The two main characters were brilliant! You’d love, Ailsa (which for a larger part of the novel I’d misread as ‘Alisa’) , the headmistress and past English teacher for being very reserved, very supportive of her family and mostly being the man in her family when her husband has failed to man up to situations. She’s the kind of mother you’d relate to and adore. Also, there’s Romy, her clever daughter you’d wish was your own… until she makes the dreadful mistake of shattering her future. A star.── ★★★★

Other characters make this book enjoyable as well. In fact, all the characters! There’s Harry, the supportive husband who’s always looking for a compliment on the meals he cooks. There’s Luke, the son with no direction, bringing as many girls as he can home for the night. There’s Ben, the weird, adorable, err, peculiar youngest son who always hoards the last portion of food in his room. There’s Adam, Ailsa’s father who drinks more than he speaks. Rachael, Ailsa’s sister whose love-life is a mess.  There’s the Fairports—the new neighbours who are sex therapists and their sons. A star to all these characters and the ones I can’t mention because of the length this review is bordering on.

This book is suspenseful! Engaging! I read four hundred pages in a day! That’s double my reading limit! I couldn’t put it down even when I had to break to do my laundry—I was balancing it over a box of detergent and a huge pile of clothes. So many OMG-moments at one point I rolled my eyes at the ceiling wondering when Fiona Neill would keep surprising the hell out of me! You read loads of titles about family secrets, but I assure you, they do not come as close! A star!── ★★★★★

My rating: Six/five stars (6/5 stars)! 

Fiona Neill’s breath-taking latest is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a title that would keep them on their toes this summer! Anyone who can handle a little more than enough suspense should go get this title! 

Anyone who wants a book part insightful, part subversive, thoroughly entertaining must run to the bookshops now with the title of this book on their lips—The Good Girl by Fiona Neill (—the good writer! Yeah, I’m cheesy like that!)

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads and shitty amazon who would make me cut a chunk of this review.

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