Summer Blog Tour and REVIEW: I Followed The Rules by Joanna Bolouri

Imagine This: You are thriving as a journalist being a single-mum to your adorable daughter of ten. You’ve been single since you dumped your boyfriend—that’s a long time. And that’s fine, really. Who needs a man when you can have sex?

Except you haven’t had sex in a long time.

Now your column in an online magazine is funny and loved by most of your audience who are not leaving shitty comments about your sense of humour being as boring as your writing. Except when these comments are increasing by the day, you are beginning to get worried. And your editor is beginning to get worried about laying you off. Not that she’d care that much, she could replace you with someone funnier (fresh and younger, but no one’s adding that).

You are forced to base your column on a new dating book which every woman considers a dating bible. But according to you it’s actually shit, and sexist and against all feminist principles. How can you not ask a guy out? How can you not be funnier than a guy on a date? How can you not have sex till it’s the fifth date? How are you always supposed to let the man lead?

But your editor wants you following these rules soon and fast and writing on them every week. Because if you do not you should say bye to the job of your dreams, a regular income and lots of time to fit around your daughter.

Before you know it, you are following these rules to the letter; walking all over Glasgow to get asked out by a man, being less funny on dates, laughing at all his unfunny jokes, never swearing, being called sweet by these guys. Sweet! Sweet?!

Then a chance encounter with the writer of this book you’ve been slagging on your blog complicates everything.

Catriona’s funny, complicated, dating-hellish life summarised for your delight.

Joanna Bolouri has done it again! Go buy this book or don’t ever return for book recommendations (ever!)

Amazing storyline! After penning a debut such as hers. A debut which should just be your fifth book. The pressure to deliver a stunning book to assure your success wasn’t a one-time-lucky-thing is high. Yet, Joanna Bolouri doesn’t disappoint in her novel. A star to the storyline.── ★

Another character to love! I loved, loved, loved Catriona! Her voice is fresh, funny, sarcastic, witty. She’s all you need from an entertaining lead! You’d love her for her bluntness. Her tendency to cuss a lot! Her amazingly wonderful motherhood skills. Hell, another character by Bolouri I would want to have brunch with! A star.── ★★

Other characters make this book kicking too. There’s Kierran, the funny friend who’s quite sure men who play golf are not right for her friend. There’s Rose, the play-date mother who’s always lonely and offering to meet up. There’s Helen, the sister who’s always forcing Cat to sit through dates with weirdoes and would club anyone who insults Michael BublĂ©, because he’s a fucking god! There’s Peter, the annoying ex you’d love to hate! There’s also Guy Wright the writer of the Dating Book who infuriates our lead. You’d also love Dylan, the adorable one-night-shag and Grace, daughter who’d just make you want to get yourself knocked up and say, To hell with men, I have my adorable, witty, smart daughter. These characters and more(!!) are amazing and not redundant in anyway. A star.── ★★★

This book is fast-paced! You wouldn’t be able to put it down. I read it all in a day (that’s even because I am a slow reader!). The only time you put it down would be when you realize you need to change out of your underwear—because the chemistry of the lead characters is so electrifying!── ★★★★

It’s funny. I assure you, there’s no paragraph that wouldn’t get you grinning or cackling with laughter. Even if there’s one, you’d find yourself thinking back to the jokes that made you laugh so hard then you’d be laughing again. A star.── ★★★★★

My rating: Five out of five stars!

Get this book on amazon, people! And get her debut too if you’ve not read it—just because it appeared on all the good lists on this blog!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a lead they would adore! Anyone who wants an actual Laugh-out-loud book (—you know, most books tagged this way are not really, but this is different!). Anyone who wants another title from Bolouri as shedoesn’t disappoint! The perfect beach read.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads and amazon.

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