Book Review: The Reluctant Celebrity by Laura Ellingham

Imagine This: Your ex-boyfriend who dumped you has turned famous. Now he wants you back and is putting your name up in all the tabloids.

You are pissed at him. All you need is a quiet life in the country with your new house you are trying to renovate which the villagers believe is haunted.

Tabloids are asking of your whereabouts. Guys everywhere are confessing you broke their hearts. You are now the girl every Londoner wants to date. Even bartenders in the little village you’ve retired to, want you.

Your ex-boyfriend though, wouldn’t stop pursuing you till you come around. Because just as his single inspired by you has become number one on every chart, you are number on his heart.

Jules’ papped life summarised for your delight.

Great storyline. See above. When I read the blurb of this book I knew I wanted to read it. Nothing like a title about a girl who gets famous overnight for breaking a pop-star’s heart and running away from the tabloid gossip and the paparazzi. A star to the storyline.── ★

The main characters are good. Jules is just your relatable girl-next-door character who doesn’t admire a life of being papped. Guy Rawson, the celebrity model now-turned musician is also a favourite. Throughout the book you’d be rooting for these characters to sort out their mess and live happily ever after. A star.── ★★

Other characters you’d love are Terri, the interior designer who’s quite funny. There’s also Rich, the bartender who has the hots for our lead, and his dog, Max who’s always jumping on strangers. Oh, and there’s also a funny newspaper man in the country. And a model who fancies herself as too cool to hang out with everyone. A star to these characters.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I wish I ‘loved, loved’ it. I felt the writer could have done more with the story. I wish it wasn’t so predictable. I wish it was more than OK,

So my rating: Three out of five stars.

You could get this book on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a title based on the fame-theme with lover-boy pop-stars and heroines you’d find relatable.

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