Book Review: I'll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson

Imagine This: Your boyfriend, no matter how perfect, is known by your friends to stand you up. A LOT. Anniversary celebrations, he stands you up. Time with the girl pals, he stands you up. But you really do not mind, because even if all through your five years together he’s never been on-time to a single date (give or take three hours after), you overlook his flaws. I mean, isn’t that the essence of a long-(forget healthy)-relationship?

Until he’s known to stand you up by your family, one incident after inviting them all from England for something ‘special’ and he never shows. You are so furious you decide it’s over with him. But would he even show up for the breakup date?
So now you are single. In New York. Focusing on your bookstore. Becoming the successful woman you’ve always dreamed of. Putting love on the back-burner and having one only true love: New York City.

Then you meet a guy at an engagement party. You two are the only singles present. He’s recently divorced. After going on and on about how being in a relationship sucks, you two make a pact. The Pact: You would never be in a relationship again. Even if it’s with each other no matter the sizzling chemistry shared between you two. The beginning of a friendship and a three way with the city.

But except your friends do not believe you two could be friends by setting you up on blind dates. The city doesn’t believe two people who share as much chemistry could take on Wolman Rink and still be friends.

Heck, sometimes you don’t believe you two could be just friends. But there’s one thing keeping you guys apart, that is, even if you tried taking the next step: The Pact.

Bea James’ chaotic life summed up for your delight.


Have you noticed any tale about New York goes with you cheering, “Woo-hoo”s within reading intervals? Well, I have anyway, and I’ll Take New York is one of those.

Woo-hoo! Don’t you just love books set in New York? The city (and the sex), the rush, the people, the Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind. I am one of those unpatriotic fellas who wears an ‘I Heart NYC To Bits’ t-shirt on (my country’s) Independence Day. And can you ever go wrong with a chick-lit set in New York City with the city embodying a character on its own? Miranda Dickinson certainly didn’t. ──

Woo-hoo! Bea James and Jake Steinmann, the main characters in this tale were adorable. Bea James being your typical Brit who’s fallen in love with New York since arriving in Columbia. She loves books, loves Brooklyn, and owns a bookstore in Brooklyn. You would love Bea James for being a redhead (score one for the gingers!), you would love her for how often she loves to explore the city, and her emotional connection to the iconic Pond in Central Park. Jake Steinmann was also written well. I did love his point-of-view. Mostly, I hate contemporary romances because most writers portray their male leads as dark, broody, uptight, and very virile–––eek! I love that Jake’s POV wasn’t that dark, broody kind that made all men seem sexists and so into ourselves–––so refreshing! A star to both characters. ── ★★

Woo-hoo! Other characters you would love(to-hate) are Otis, Bea’s ex who never shows up for anything unless it’s something that has got cheap all over it; Desiree, Jake’s P.A who’s always missing the point; Russ, Bea’s co-owner of the bookshop and friend who has an aversion to men wearing suits in Brooklyn; Rosie and Ed, sister-in-law and brother of Jake who keep setting Bea and James on blind dates. Aunt Ruby, who’s so concerned about eating at home before attending an invite from Bea’s ex to dine for something ‘special’.  Grandma Dot, who always has a book popped in the mail to explain something significant (mostly about love and relationships and her first-true love) to Bea. ── ★★★

Woo-hoo! Humour in this book isn’t the laugh-out-loud, crack-a-rib kind, but the chuckling moments are constant. ── ★★★★

My rating: four-point-five stars (4.5/5 stars)

Miranda Dickinson’s latest, I’ll Take New York is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to any fan of Miranda Dickinson as she doesn’t disappoint in this title, anyone who loves romantic comedies, anyone who loves romantic comedies set in the City That Never Sleeps, and anyone who wants a book that would keep them awake (says my mum, who spent hours gazing at the stars on the cover and declaring them hypnotic).

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