Book Review: Shopaholic To The Stars by Sophie Kinsella


Imagine This: You are happily married. You have a lovely, but most times annoying toddler daughter. You are more in charge of your credit than you used to… Until your husband takes a job in Hollywood to manage a movies star, then Rodeo Drive has other plans.

You are amazed by the endless shopping made on boulevards, the people who are always a lookalike of some celebrity you know, the celebrities who are spotted going about their daily business with their super-white teeth and very dark sunglasses.

Rehabs are chic. Yoga is a must, staying thin is a competition——which when you lose you succumb to sucking in your cellulite, and whenever you see someone with a too perfect nose, they probably have been under a surgical blade——and you must ask for the contact details of this surgeon, because in L.A no one can have too many perfect nose jobs.

You have the desire to be a stylist. A celebrity stylist. But only if your celeb-ignorant husband would link you up with some of his clients——and only if you would let him to. You have got the talent, the eye for the perfect dress for that perfect celebrity, but only if you would meet any celebrity because these shopping assistants wouldn’t give away any details of their clients no matter how many letters you write to their stores (and of course, the amount you spend in them).

All you have is your husband’s client. But would you she ever stop being a total snob and take one of the coats you’ve purchased for her? All you have is your best friend, but would she ever see how important making it big in Hollywood is to you? All you have is your dad, but would he stay back in London offering an attentive ear over the phone, and not set off to L.A leaving your mum worried-sick with an instruction to water their roses daily?

Would Hollywood ever give you that one, special break you need?

Becky Bloomwood’s life summed up for your delight.


Did I love this book? Yes, yes, I very much did. So you know in my review I’d be hauling you out of boutiques and dumping you into Barnes and Nobles to purchase this, don’t you?

Once again, Sophie Kinsella thrills with an amazing storyline. There’s nothing more fabulous than reading a book about a struggling stylist looking for her one, big break among the fashion circles and Hollywood. But in the midst of making it in Hollywood, this stylist gets wrapped up in lots of faux drama in tinsel town and unexpected encounters with paparazzi. Fab storyline.── ★

Becky is back with a bang and lots of shopping bags! Over the years, Becky Bloomwood has become sort of a woman sleuth in time to piece together the best outfit, for people who won’t dress for their body types, celebs who wouldn’t dress for their age, and of course steadfastly watching her own spending. She’s one of those classic chick-lit characters who’d always remain on the minds of readers who cannot get enough of her! Her humorous voice, her tendency to spend over the limit of her credit (without intending to, of course), her ability to put the humour in the most serious of situations. She’s one of those characters you keep banging on your table about and threatening not to eat your cereal if she doesn’t make a comeback (who are you, a two-year old avid reader?). A star to Becky.── ★★

Oh, you would love other characters in this book! Suze, the friend who wants to host an award show for extras (background actors) so they could receive ‘Suzes’. Alicia Bitch Long Legs, who makes a comeback with a deceiving relaxed look matched with yoga habits. Danny Kovitz, whose tendency to put off hiring a grammar assistant to read through all his problematic emails is hilarious. Minnie, the boisterous, over-demanding daughter who wouldn’t quit singing out Becky’s cusses to incompetent drivers at pre-school in a tune of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star. Sage, the celebrity you’d love to hate for being such a total snob. Aran, the manager who is always suggesting very weird opportunity offers raging from a celebrity plastic surgery reality show to a fashion correspondent on a breakfast show who wouldn’t be offering any fashion advice at all. Jeff, the bodyguard who wouldn’t give you the least attention when all your friends have abandoned you and you just want a nod from him through your rants. Tarquin, Suze’s husband suddenly pleased about finding his inner-peace. And so many other amazing characters. A star to all the characters.── ★★★

The OMG moments in this book make this title gripping. And the humour is just so wicked it would be cracking your ribs.── ★★★★

I loved this book. But comparing it to Kinsella’s other titles, it wasn’t really mega. Perfect as a stand-alone, but when you’ve picked other Kinsella titles, you know this is nowhere close to their literary excellence. (Although, it really isn’t like doing a comparative analysis on all of Hemmingway’s titles and discovering he’d never penned anything great at all).

So my rating: 4.5 stars/5

Shopaholic To The Stars, Sophie Kinsella’s latest, is available on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who’s a fan of Kinsella or anyone who isn’t, anyone who loves Becky Bloomwood and anyone who’d hear her name and ask, ‘Becky wha??’, anyone who loves their chick-lit racy and humorous and about the plastic-ness of tinsel town should grab this book too.

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