Best Upcoming Fiction Awards 2013 Winners.(Soon To Be A Page)

Every book you see is every book I liked and loved.

This contest was announced on the 21st of June, deadlines for entry submission was on the 31st of August. September 30th was the appointed time to announce the results but I had gained admission to college and I was a bit snowed under from preparation through lectures. I am happy to finally announce that, "Yay, I present to you your winners!"

*Included is my judging MO*

A little Bio on the Contest:

Chick-lit Pad is holding a competition for the best upcoming release, in the "Chick-Lit/Women's Fiction" genre.

Genre's that qualify are:
* General Chick-Lit
* Contemporary Romance
* Comedic Romance

The best of the lot will be listed
permanently on our site, with reviews.

However the winner, will win the
Spotlight and be featured as the Best Upcoming Fiction.

Deadline: 31st August 2013
Announcing winners on 30th September 2013.

For more enquiries, contact us by email

Many shall enter, the best will win.

Yes, you heard me say THE BEST, but I sat for days thinking, "Hmm... should I choose one Winner, or should I relay all these winning entries to them because they are all FAB!!!"

It took me weeks to decide on these. Over THIRTY ENTRIES (actually thirty-two) and by these methods I arrived at my winning entries.

1. I checkedoff all the blurbs of the entries that didn't reel me in. (Which brought down my work to Twenty-five ).

2. I checkedoff books upon fifteen percent completion didn't reel me in (Most of them just weren't funny enough so I got easily bored) Which brought me down to Eleven entries.

3. I further moved on to my review principle-the THIRTY PERCENT principle. Like the above, it left me with only EIGHT of the best Chick-lit.

But I couldn't handle eight. I loved them all to pieces. But then I only wanted one winner...

4. So my brutal fifty percent left me with FOUR.

5. One book with so much humor but a predictable story-line which I needed no help from a psychic to prescient dropped down at hundred percent.


After a hundred, by then I loved almost these books, and wanted to see what happened in their end, so I made the attempt to finish all then decide the winning entry later.

But, when I was done with all three, I just couldn't choose. So... I gave up...

In no particular order, my winning entries for the 2013 Best Upcoming Fiction contest:

Quanie Miller's debut It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy stole my heart with it's excessive humor and amazing story-line as well as its unique chickroine Click here for my review. Quanie's debut will be out for purchase on October Fifteenth. She will be touring thanks to Chick-Lit Plus and the buzz on this upcoming fresh, totally different author would begin. Honestly can't wait. But stay tuned for the buy links and a Five Reasons You Should Purchase It Ain't Easy Being Jazzy post scheduled for it's release date.

Blogger Girl By Meredith Schorr was fantastic. Perhaps the reason why I was nuts about this book was because for the first time, it felt good not reading about a glamorous chick with a glamorous job in fashion, one who writes a relationship column, or has the job a million girls would die for in a hip magazine. Click here for my review. Click here to purchase.

One reason Sylvia Ashby's debut won its way to my list (and heart) was because of it's unique story-line. It's always amazing when an author combines a relatable heroine and a not-done-before story-line and makes a zinging delicious debut about it. Click here for my review. Click here to purchase.

There you have it. The winning entries of Chick-Lit Pad's Best Upcoming Fiction. Thanks to all the authors who sent their entries, wishing you success in all your endeavours.

And to all winners, let's get tumblers, pop one too many Dom bottles and let's celebrate your success. Can't wait for your next titles. To all the debut authors, Sylvia Ashby and Quanie Miller, way to go!!! Meredith Schorr, I already told you if I don't see a sequel to Blogger Girl (where Kimberly gets famous for penning "Blogger Girl" itself and getting famous and being invited to the Today Show... let's just say, I will create a "Shouldn't Blogger Girl Deserve A Sequel" thread on any platform online.

Anticipating a bigger and better contest Next Year. To inquire about this contest send me an email and drop a few kisses as subscription (that normally catches my eye)



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  1. Thanks again for your support of Blogger Girl! A sequel is on my "to-do" list. Hopefully you will wait :)