Killer Review: I'm Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

Claudia's Review 

"We can't do whatever we want. There are ways we have to act. There are things we have to say. But we can think whatever we want. Thoughts are the only reality. It's true. I'm sure of it now. Thoughts are never faked or bluffed."—★

How does one describe a book like this? It's frustratingly confusing in a good way. If there was a what-the- hell-did-I-just-read genre, this book will fit perfectly. This is one of the shortest novels you'll ever read yet one that will stay on your mind the longest, no wonder there is a whole website dedicated to discussing it. (I did a bit of stal—ahem, 'research' on this) Might be the year's most outstanding Bookclub Fiction—★★

I'm Thinking Of Ending Things tells a story of a man and his girlfriend who go on a road trip to visit his weird parents. Most of the story centers around the road trip and the use of flashback was employed to give readers information about the characters. The whole story was told in first person-narrative so brilliant that you felt the main character was sitting across from you.—★★★

In between chapters, there were two nameless people having a conversation about someone who commited suicide.—★★★★

I give this book a five star because it had good writing style, unnervingly perfect story line and a cover that made you want to drop everything and read it (talk about judging a book by its cover).

I never read a book twice but this is a book I'll read over and over again if it will help me understand the ending. Recovery, what I needed after reading this piece of awesome literature!

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