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Blurb: Reluctant housemates make fun bed fellows…

Sam Carlisle is the double bass player in the all girl jazz ensemble, Bikini Quartet. When her truck breaks down on the drawbridge, a panty-melting muscle man comes to her rescue in the rain. This isn’t the first time her life has resembled a bad country song. She later discovers he’s her new landlord, and she has six weeks to find a newplace to live. After a devastating breakup, she swore off men.

Will Brock convince her he’s better than the men from her troubled past?

Brock Knight is a retired rugby player from Wales. He's eager to get away from the paparazzi that hound him day and night. When he moves into his new beach house onPleasure Island, North Carolina before Sam has a chance to relocate, he learns the proper way to shag.

Will he convince her to stay, or will she convince him she’s gay?

Low Tide Bikini is a funny, sexy romance that will make you laugh and sigh. With naughty naked seniors and an ostrich farm, Pleasure Island has it all. It's a greatplace to visit, and for Sam and Brock, it just might be the perfect forever home.

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It's a debut worth screaming about. It's a debut fantastic to know about. It's a debut thrilling to read about.

Sam Carlisle has sworn off men, after her ex broke up with her through twitter. 140 characters has never seemed so aggravating. Just that inclusion made me wonder which words held the hash tags. Anyway, to Sam hot men aren't a topic for commitment, all her exes were gorgeous and the breakups were ever creative. She's single, an instrumentalist for a band on the Island called Bikini Quartet, where it's rumoured that when she's playing, male guests love it because she has her O-face on (she does it sub-consciously). Her life is normal until Brock Knight walks in.

He's hot, he's charming, he's British, he's sexy. As if that isn't enough he's retired from rugby and has the body to prove it. The kind of man you ladies would swoon to. Until you find out he's planning on throwing you out of his house which is—was your house in six weeks.

She's told him she's gay. His willy, Rebel (as he calls him), has shown his intent of being with her. After all, they are under the same roof (for six weeks) and might as well take advantage of it.

But, would something more than frenemyship develop?

It's the perfect book to anticipate your summer holidays this year. The beach, Pleasure Island, is your ultimate escape, think hot couples, sorry singles sun-bathing with Seniors baring it all. And to be honest, a part of me wanted to escape for Pleasure! So I couldn't, bummer! But Lyla's beautiful description made me feel I did.—★

With super-steamy scenes that made you squirm in your seat, suggestive yet obscure language used creatively (like who knew shag was a dance?), to be frank my forehead was piling with perspiration being engulfed in all that sexual tension. And my oh my, when that tension was released, let's just say I felt like a very cold shower. —★★

This book wasn't all scenes that made you squirm in your seat with excitement, but ones that made you feel an emotional connection with the characters. Like the fact that Sam is an orphan being why she'd always thought relationships were anything but permanent, or that Brock Knight wrote poetry which he was so protective about (Lol). I did love both our leads and thought they were perfect for each other, that is, when they weren't trying to make the other red like a tomato—★★★

Speaking of characters, this book had lots that were fun to read about. Myrtle and Louise, the oldies who'd waggle their eyebrows suggestively at Brock Knight and post pictures of the couple all over their website with polls on whether they'd be fuck buddies or fall in love. Mazy, from Sam's band also held my interest with her humor and tom-boyishness.—★★★★

This book made me laugh, laugh so hard, look away when things were getting emotional (I didn't want to wet the neckline of my v-neck t-shirt). But then I wished it was a bit unique, I felt it was your every contemporary everyday romance that still had all the elements for an entertaining read.

My rating: Four stars.

I recommend this title for anyone celebrating summer earlier this year. Anyone in the mood for something to keep their nights warm. Anyone who wants something with two fun leads.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads as well as Amazon.

Author Bio

Lyla Dune has taught music for eighteen years, played saxophone and clarinet in numerous orchestras and ensembles, taught piano, written songs, and repaired more musical instruments than shecan recall. Yes, in case you’re wondering, you can fix the rotary valve on a student’s french horn with a paper clip and a rubber bandthree minutes before the kid’s horn solo at Lincoln Center.

How did Lyla become a writer? A few years ago, she stumbled acrossa poetry forum online and dabbled in poetry for kicks. She became a word junkie. She’s published poetry,flash fiction, and short stories in many different genres.

She lives on the coast of North Carolina with her husband, Gary, and her cat, Miura. One day, she’d like to have a pet ostrich. She’d name it Robirrrda, of course.

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Sam led Brock past a small guest bath and to the stairwell. They climbed the stairs to the sleeping quarters.

Her wet cutoffs rode up her butt. She tilted her pelvis forward, hoping to keep her cheeks hidden. But she knew darn well, from Brock's angle, her efforts were pointless. He'd already gotten his eyes filled when she crawled acrossher truck bed earlier.Maybe he wouldn't give her rear a glance.

She peeked over her shoulder. His gaze was glued to her ass, and he licked his lips like a hungry wolf.

Damn. She felt a quiver in her belly.Her body was such a traitor.

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