(surprise) Book Review: Olivia By Donna Sturgeon

From Niecey Roy
Donna Sturgeon

Received A Kindle Gift From Niecey Roy.

Blurb: Olivia Hanson has spent most of her twenty-five years staring wistfully across the tracks to the north side of town, longing for a white picket fence and normal—something she’s never known. Born in a prison and abandoned by her mother, Olivia was raised in South Juliette by her father, Eugene—a knee- bouncing, chain-smoking loner with a Cheeze Doodle addiction. Olivia drinks too much, loses her heart too easily, and works in a factory as quality control, a mundane job she’d sworn would only be temporary, not the permanent drudgery it has become. Her only joy in life comes in the form of late-night slow dances with hot bartender, George, who can set her body on fire with his kisses but is unwilling to go any further.

The day Olivia accidentally backs her Buick into a black Dodge pickup, she tumbles head-over-heels into what she believes is the happily-ever-after kind of love she has been longing for. But the road to happiness is not as easy as it looks. It’s a long, winding journey of self- discovery full of potholes, pregnancy tests, lobster tattoos, Walmart scooters, impromptu weddings, hump-happy Boston terriers, and a sexy, but oh-so- annoying police officer who pops up around every curve.


"Hey, Sam," She croaked.

"You really sick?" Sam asked.


"Brown Bottle Flu?"

"No," Olivia lied.

"You coming back tomorrow or what?"


Sam hung up.


Quirky, dysfunctional, tear-jerking, hilarious. This book had none of the above. It had more of the above.

Olivia, follows Olivia, mid-twenties girl who's always wanted to leave the South but never saves a dime from her shitty job thanks to all those beers at "Kitty's", a bar with her hot best friend as owner and tender she'd so love to screw. Olivia is not always driving her insurance company insane, but her boss too for times she'd show up and times she wouldn't.

This book based mainly on her love life, shows Olivia dealing with men you wouldn't rather have anything to do with and men you'd rather were into you than her. Olivia goes through life heartbreak after heartbreak, rough patch after rough patch, hilarious situations after hilarious situations, crashing from bumper to bumper, steamy sex after steamy sex, shitty days at work after shitty days at work, comforting odd friends after odd friends and more. All till she finds out what's really lacking in her life: stability.

Niecey Roy, one of my fav writer friends recommended this book to me. Judging from Niecey's tastes (Fender Bender Blues and How Hard Can It Be?), I was a bit skeptical about this one (BIG LIE). I enjoyed it so much I licked my lips and belched after reading it.

OK. So I loved this book for the main character! Olivia! Very, very different. I swear I didn't find delight in how brazen she was most of the time, but all those little bits about her I found annoying were just... Good. Character. Sketch. She fitted the setting perfectly and I wouldn't have wanted her any other way. Plus, no matter how crazy, I have a soft spot for super-hilarious leads.

Oh you would laugh the humor in this book. It wasn't constant, but every time it was up you'd shit on yourself; I am so certain because I didn't-second star.

The romance in this book is so steamy. So warm. So mushy mushy. Each and every guy delivered. And boy did I squirm in my seat.

It's not surprising I fell in love with the whole cast. Their stories were inspiring, hilarious and crazy. From Izzie, Olivia's best friend who was always there when you needed a good laugh, to Sam, the boss who's just pissed off at Olivia all the time but wouldn't fire her. Eugene, the dad who never touched and kept eye contact as he did his fav Cheese Doodles. To all Olivia's gossip-loving co-workers at the factory and all the regular patrons of Kitty's. I could paint them all if I was as good as an artist as I am a talker.

With so crazy characters it was very shocking this book could really portray dense, soulful themes. From loneliness, to shittiness, to difficulty in child-bearing, to dysfunctional love, to cozy love, to love and its trials and misunderstanding. There were moments I was reaching for Kleenex, but every time I pulled the box closer I'd find out it was empty and I'd curse so loud I wouldn't feel like crying anymore.

Also, the tone to this book was soothing, the pace slow-fast, the idle setting of the south very perfect and written with an amazing memoir-esque voice. Never did I hesitate to finish this book in a haste. It really goes to show you don't need a highly suspenseful piece to grab a reader's attention. With humor locked, a fun lead and a story so true to life with themes that are so timeless, there's no way you could ask for a refund!

Five stars, people!

Olivia, Donna Sturgeon's dysfunctionally perfect chick-lit is available on Amazon.

I seriously recommend this book to anyone. Anyone who has a friend called Olivia or not. Anyone who wants a good laugh and a few tears. Anyone who is in the mood for mushy mushy and fighty fighty. Anyone in the mood for something different and so not your conventional chick-lit.

Always opened to emails from anyone who'd love to gush about Olivia—the book, I mean.

Thanks Niecey. Great novel, Donna.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads as well as Amazon.


  1. So happy you enjoyed it! I cried my damn eyes out over this book, but laughed my ass off just as much. Loved it!

  2. Aww, Kobby! You are seriously making me blush! Thank you for the fabulous review. I'm so happy you enjoyed your time with Olivia. She was a blast to write (even when she was being a pain in the butt!!) and will forever remain a huge part of my heart. :)