Have You Got It In You?

In response to our excessive requests for reviews,  we want to announce that we are in dire need of reviewers.

If we do not get any response But keep getting the review requests, we would announce a halt on requests. And we do not want that. The Indie book community publishes, I presume, over a thousand ebooks a day and we'd want to keep up.

Writers bring in your fans. Any volunteers? We'd be happy to receive you providing you own an account on Goodreads...  and can type. :)


  1. I would like more details. E-mail me at nolabelsunleashed@hotmail.com

  2. I can't review at this time but I have referred this call to a friend who I think would excel at this. Not having to be the sole enterprising person will appeal to her. I know of another who might be available but we'll see.

  3. Good morning! I would love some additional information. In fact, I'm the friend Ellen mentioned in her comment. Please email me at tiffany.a.mcgee@gmail.com