Book Review: San Diego Or Bust by Vicki Batman.

Blurb: When a young woman plans a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, disaster strikes, and she soon finds Mr. Right could be someone else. >...Vickie Batman is on a row. With her equally enticing short story collection Little Birdy Who and Other Stories I couldn't drop this.

Looking for a fun short read that isn't quirky at all? Pick up San Diego Or Bust.

Jill is what you'd call a hopeless romantic, tolerating all the temperaments of her Mr. (Dead) Right in the form of Davis.

How far can you go in tolerating someone you think must be your soulmate? Will you plan a trip to sunny San Diego with a stay in a five-star hotel, sizzling nouvelle cuisine included, and tickets to the zoo and a baseball game? Well, Vickie does all the above and even goes further to pay for everything. Shocker. Pay for a trip for a guy who wouldn't propose. Pay for a trip for a guy who makes you happy only when he offends you. Pay for a trip for a guy who is eager about the trip (too!). Pay for a trip for a guy who complains all about the five-star treatment he's getting....

Maybe I should cool off a bit. Muttering #*##%*$# might not be good for my audience (which is eighteen and above. But kids would always select the 'I am off age and must be allowed in now (before I throw tantrums).' button.)

The guy is a jerk (no obscenities here. Learnt the word when I was eight so parents be rest assured no one is learning anything new here). A dirt wad, as Jill puts it. And it's a thrilling moment when she meets a Mr. Right in the form of a Steve Cartwright who looks good in a suit too.

>I was two-timing this book with Reality Hell, but (unfortunately) Vicki Batman got my attention off the remake of Bachelor-Reality Hell style. And you know you can't take your eyes off Reality Hell once it's up. I used to watch through all the bugging commercial breaks but today I couldn't (Big thanks to Vicki. I really appreciate it. I really do).

I just love it when people are airing their dirty laundry and I would have offered to supply the detergent if this wasn't taking place another world behind my kindle. Jill confronts Davis' surly attitude in the view of so many in first class.

There's a tacky proposal that should shock you, and Mr. cartWRIGHT who's just so right. I have never seen any two people click at a first meeting (before the invention of heels and terra-cotta floors, that is) with shared favorite movies, hobbies, food and so much more. Now unless one of them had been lying (Cartwright, I suspect) you can only imagine how blissful their happily ever after would be.p>

I am only giving this book.... a three point five star rating just because it was too short and I would have loved to read more about this Jill character. (But rest assured; It's getting a four on both Goodreads and Amazon.)

Recommended for anyone who wants something short to laugh at and race to a hectic job afterwards.

San Diego Or Bust is available at Amazon.

Be sure to check it out.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.


  1. Great review. I love the humor in Vicki's stories!

  2. Thanks you all! Again, it's a long time I saw two comments around here.

  3. Vicki Batman is always funny.

  4. Sounds like a fun read and is on my "TBR" list.

  5. thank you so much, Melissa, Janie, Sylvia, and Angela! And truly appreciate Chick Lit Pad taking San Diego or Bust on.

  6. Nice comments from the reviewer...you got her away from Reality shows and that's hard to do for die-hard watchers. Your book MADE her want to keep reading...and as she said, it was too short and she wanted to know more.
    Good for you, Vicki!