Killer Review: The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford

*The Killer Reviews are part of my "A Killer Season" feature reviewing psychological thrillers on which much fuss has been made rendering them 'a must-buy' (or not!)*.

Imagine This: You are woken up from your drunken stupor to the sounds of sirens approaching your suburb.

But of course, it can't be any serious crime, because here at Ashby Lane the only serious crime one would do is gossip that another's brunch didn't go so well (which for extreme circumstances would lead to some competitive bickering and everyone becomes friends after one has got their favorite blouse ripped). 

So when the sirens stop over at your neighbour's house, and you find out a gurney is wheeling her dead into the ambulance, you are unusually perturbed. Of course, it's a rotten sight to see your next-door neighbour dead. Everyone in their right minds would be worried.

Except you are not in your right mind! You are not sure if its you who killed her.

Celia's mysterious death and Dana's worry she may have offed her neighbour summarized for your delight.

My Review

I liked this book.

The storyline is great. Housewife unsure she killed her neighbour because this neighbour showed her a photo of her husband having an affair. I like thrillers that are a split between Domestic and psychological thrillers. Mostly the ones you can relate to.—★

Well, Dana is a nice lead to read about in the opening chapters of the novel. She seems so innocent and irritatingly perturbed about her killer until you realize perhaps she may have killed her neighbour as she's a wife on the verge of a nervous breakdown. —★★

Other characters like Glenda, the coffeeshop waitress who also doubles as Dana's friend offering her salient advice to keep her together would be loved. There's also Jack, the detective on the case who has a messed up family surprisingly connected to the murdered neighbour. There's also Peter, the husband who has adultery written all over him.—★★★

The opening chapters are filled with suspense. Reads like a CSI MIAMI episode—★★★★

But then you realize Dana's mental issue, then reading her POV becomes difficult and you are suddenly wishing she should be killed off so that the other characters can have your attention. What I mean is, the main character is someone you'd be rooting for before she stops making sense. 

My rating: Four stars.

The Pocket Wife is available on Amazon

I recommend it to anyone who wants their thrillers opening with a great premise. Anyone who also wants a thriller with a storyline that isn't hard to relate to should go for this. Anyone who wants a book who's killer they can't figure out because like How To Get Away With Murder all its characters should be guilty until proven innocent (even if they are not persons of interest!)

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Amazon and Goodreads.

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