Book Review: On The Rocks by Erin Duffy


MY Synopsis.

I have wondered what wearing a $ 4000 Ivory strapless Vera Wang gown with a forty-foot train in all it's beautiful satin and lace glory, would feel like, No doubt it will feel like HEAVEN! But being dumped Via facebook was definitely not part of it, this is saying a lot with such a wild imagination as mine. Of all the worst ways to breakup with someone being dumped on the most popular social media while adorned in the most  gorgeous and expensive dress you would ever wear in your life has got to be right up there with being  jilted at the altar. It’s the worst. Can't Imagine.

You would know since your demented boyfriend of ten years decided that he would rather move to a desert half way around the world than spend the rest of his obviously pathetic life with you, after slipping a gorgeous emerald cut stone ring around her finger.

Six months later, still Thirty One with your maternity clock tick-tocking away and still fiancèless, you end up bitter, 30 pounds heavier, with a passionate relationship with the frozen section of the super market and the verbal communication skills of the kindergarten kids that you teach. Awesome right?
And I've not even mentioned, that your very psychotic Mum who is great at everything else especially being mean and annoying except being the Mum you always wanted,  would just not  burger off.  There’s a point in your life you wish mums could be dumped on Facebook too. Oh and your sister who has been trying to steal your shine like forever happens to be getting married when you are not. Apparently the world does not stop to grieve with you.

But it's good to know that with all the craziness going on in your life, you are brave enough to let your Godsend Bestfriend woo you into leaving your self-made prison and spending the summer at Rhode Island, which turns out to be just the thing you need to put your life back together. Enough to tell your jerk of an ex-fiance to go fuck himself, when he considered comparing you to a dog was the best way to convince you to give him a second chance, what a douche! And to make friends with the king of verbal sparring and a German hunk. Minus the bestfriend dating a married man drama and hideous fights, it turns out to be the best summer of your life. I guess magic does happen when you allow yourself to live again. Even though it involves kissing some frogs along the way. Yuck.

Story of Abby Wilkes life.


                           MY Review

I was drawn in by this book from the get-go. Story line is on point, it gives great advice. Breakup is not the end of life,it wasn't for Abby and it should not be for anyone. Abby shows it as she gathers courage and moves on with her life. She allows herself to have fun again and explore the dating world out there. Such great advice to young ladies out there. This advice was not lost on me, and I am arming myself for the future. Lol. Am not hoping for a breakup, but breakups are a part of relationships, and you have to kiss some ugly, slimy frogs to find the one true prince. Hmmm sound advice, and all in Erin Duffy’s On the rocks.

Amazing characterisation in this book. I loved Abby the lead character soo much, and I am sure you would too.  Funny, interesting and awfully good at quipping and verbal sparring. I can’t mention sparring and forget Bobby the King of Verbal sparring, I fell in love with him. He is soo damn good, I found myself amused most of the time. Oh I was rooting for Abby to fall in love with him. Not forgetting Grace, who unfortunately falls in love with a married man, at least we get to see life from the point of the mistress of the married man. The book would not be complete if Abby's mum and sister were excluded. Gosh her mum, she is unbelievable, who wears a wedding gown to her daughter’s wedding? Not forgetting Wolf the German cutie. He is the best, he made me laugh soo hard my ribs hurt.

It's fun, hilarious and gives great advice. It's an amazing book. Just the thing for all ladies finding it hard to live after a horrible breakup. It's about time you lived your life! Start by reading this awesome book by Erin Duffy, I promise you would love it. Abby is in a better place than she would have been if she got married. She is happy and fulfilled, more importantly she is single and living her life.

I enjoyed reading this book soo much that more than once I went back to read an interesting part again and again. Nice work Erin. Thumps up.

Rate: four point five stars.

On The Rocks is available on Amazon.

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Book Review: An Open Marriage by Tess Stimson



Imagine this: You are happily married for eight years. A husband who’s calm, and collected. A seven-year old daughter. You left your career as a fast-track journalist to settle with him, renounce the American Flag and accept the Queen and the Union Jack. You are happy, you keep telling yourself. But really, you are. It’s just sometimes it gets boring after doing the same  work-at-home blogger for eight years, in a new country with no friends.

Then you meet Charlie, who’s the exact type of woman you’d love to befriend. She’s your husband’s boss, she’s married and also has a kid. For nineteen years she’s also been doing this marriage thing after giving up her career for a more settled life with a husband who nags too much.

Set up play-dates for the kids, and make weekends couples dating. You are loving this whole foursome friendship thing. Food, wine, laughter, then one (really-drunken) night truth and dare and sex on the same couch.

Strange but sextastic. Your husband says don’t think too much of this. But really, how does this foursome thing go? It’s nice doing it with your husband, but locking eyes with another woman’s husband as you come (while he makes his wife come) is… fucking amazing! Yet, strange.

Rules are to be set. What are the limitations? No one said twosomes, or threesomes, or pushing your husband off you as things are getting more exciting. Before you know it all lines have been crossed. Your relationship with your husband, your friend, and his husband is at stake. Every couple is fighting. Then you begin to think, really, was it all worth it?

Mia and Charlie lives summed up for your delight in their very open friendship.

I loved, loved this book. So you know in this review, I’ll be screaming at you to get it!

(I was reading this book with a permanent smile on my face, then, “Oh, oh, oh, really? Wow.” I began lowering in my seat).The storyline is amazing! You all know I’m such a sucker for never-been-done storylines. Woman leaves career for another country, married for eight years, happy but marriage is in a rut, bored for monotony, seeks variety, meets husband’s boss who seeks variety too, couples on couch, couples on bed, dysfunctional relationships, disintegrating marriage…. Freaking fantabulous! It’s so new. I’m sure even if is there is a book (on this topic), there can’t be any book well-executed like Tess Stimson did this. I just jumped the band-wagon into Tess Stimson’s fan base (realizing she writes very unique Women’s Fiction). Throw clichés out the door!──

(There are some characters you’d love to watch. There are other characters you’d love to do. There are also other characters you’d love to watch do.) I so freaking loved Mia and Charlie if all friendships were like this, I do not know what would become of the world. But sometimes people have weird bonds (or bands for this matter) they share, and I loved how Tess Stimson portrayed the whole shebang of their partly dysfunctional, partly warm friendship. She nailed it when she represented their point-of-views in first-person descriptive. Two different women with different personalities but similar tastes. Tess Stimson splits them apart with first-person descriptive it’s so hard not to like them, and so difficult to even judge them. There’s no ‘Other-woman’, just another couple.── ★★

(Sometimes, men do play a key-role in society, “Atta husbands!”) The other mates of this scrumptious foursome, make this book worth reading. Kit and Rob, both different men. One going all the lengths to please his wife, the other going all the lengths to make his wife please him. I’ve never hated a character, ever, as much as I hated Rob. God, sometimes listening to him rant just made me feel like hitting my head against my study desk repeatedly. It’s amazing how Tess Stimson can portray one character very intensely to make you bloody-boil with anger. A star to fantastic supporting-character development.── ★★★

[Coworker: “Kobby, why are you smiling?”. Me: “It’s a great day after all.” Coworker: “Kobby, why are you smiling into the book and making thrusting moves with your pen’s flicker?” Me: “Gee, can anyone have some privacy in this office for once?” (storm out of the office)] The sex deserves a star. Really, it does. I’m the king of appreciating a good experimentation. ── ★★★★

I was practically on the edge of my seat from the suspense (what with the great sex and all too?). You never see any part of this book coming, Tess throws them at you so skilfully you never get to recover before another punch comes your way.
The lessons in this book, are off the roof! So many lessons Tess Stimson imparts with this story, and the very depressing thing she teaches that you just have to go along with because you have no choice (thanks to her excellent writing), is that no one should judge another. She lets you deduce your own lessons from this book with your own understanding/ life-experiences, but she kind of makes it difficult for you to judge anyone in such marital position because you really never know what’s with someone unless you be them. (And she makes you ‘be’ her two main characters by presenting the story in their point-of-views in first description). This is the book you women would all be discussing at your brunches, trying to shed more insights under hushed tones so people at the neighbouring tables don’t give you strange stares.── ★★★★★

I could go on and on, on reasons why you all should rush for a copy of this book. But aren’t the above reasons enough to tell you, you need a paperback of this book on amazon. Kindle really doesn’t do it justice. It’s the kind of book you would need to pick up from your shelf and hug once more.

My rating: Five stars.

You can get Tess Stimson’s amazing An Open Marriage on amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to try something new. Anyone who loves their Women’s Fiction steamy and packed with lessons all women could relate to. Anyone who has even considered doing the Open thing or not. Anyone who’s a Tess Stimson fan as she doesn’t disappoint in this title too.

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Book Review: Broken Open by Robin Reinach



Imagine this: You are cheater. The thin, beautiful ‘Other Woman’ everyone hates. But in your defense your boss in question is hot, persuasive, and can woo you (in and out of bed).

So why are you getting letters from his wife, describing in detail all he’s done to you (in and out of bed)? When she says you two should meet (behind her husband’s back) you are not sure whether to go. Or even if you do go, should you feel smug, or should you feel apologetic and weep at her feet for being caught?

It takes a brave decision to meet up with his wife. And it turns out she has other plans up her sleeve, but whether to entice you or wreck you (or both), you are not sure.

But if the thrill of playing with the husband behind his wife’s back is irresistible, what would playing with the wife behind the husband’s back be? Exciting? Dangerous?

Lara Leeds would find out in this book written for your delight.


The first chick-lit epistolary I read for this blog, was a hit. I gave it five stars. So would I like this other epistolary as much? Let’s answer the question in my review.

First of all, I did love the style of writing. Not everyone can pull of epistolary and do it so well. But Robin Reinach did. Even when the whole book was written in letters, you really knew each character by their voices, know what they are like (physiological and psychological) and not everyone can achieve this feat with epistolary so well. So I give the book a star.

I loved the main character Lara Leeds. It’s nice being in the shoes of the other woman and knowing what she’s going through, why she’s having the affair, why she can’t resist the married man (or woman). I also adored Andrea for her poise, her composure, her mysterious persona even when she finds out her husband has cheated with––not one––but several other women. It’s nice reading from the point of views of two women whose voices, personalities sexual tendencies oppose each other. And you find yourself sometimes wondering why would men cheat (on their amazing wives)?

It’s nice to also talk about how even when this was an epistolary, it didn’t pull itself off without giving flesh to the supporting characters. Henry, the amazing shag of Lara’s past coming into the picture again. Sam, the jerk of a husband who I never warmed up to (would I ever have??). Beth, the office bitch/bootlicker who’s so much into our lead’s (no pun intended) business

The sex was amazing. I mean, I can’t do this review without mentioning this. I love books which characters experiment (because I have very wild fantasies). It’s nice when a character (you envy, like Henry) tries this move that’s been on your mind for quite a while. Sweet.

The lessons this book intended to impart were not lost on me. I love the lesson that not all marriages are rosy, the topic of family loss and the effects it has on the social institution, the question that plagues the reader’s mind of how they would handle a spouse’s infidelity (would they do it calmly, well-poised and, um, ingenious as Andrea did?), and the question of what to do with the ‘other people’.

I would no doubt have given this book a five-star rating. But, it’s one of those novel-ish books that make you want a more hundred pages after reading.

So my rating: Four-point-five stars.

Broken Open is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves their Women’s Fiction sexified yet imparting lessons that contemporary women face.

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Blogiversary Review: Desperately Ever After by Laura Kenyon (Desperately Ever After series, #1)


Blurb: Imagine what might happen if our most beloved fairy tale princesses were the best of friends and had the dreams, dilemmas, and libidos of the modern woman. How would their stories unfold after the wedding bells stopped ringing? Set in a fictional realm based on New York City, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER sprinkles women’s fiction with elements of fantasy, and encourages readers to rethink everything they know about happy endings.

Years after turning her husband from beast back to man and becoming his queen, Belle finds out she’s finally going to have a child. But before she can announce the wondrous news, she catches him cheating and watches her “happily ever after” go up in flames. Turning to her friends for the strength to land with grace, she realizes she’s not the only one at a crossroads:

Cinderella, a mother of four drowning in royal duties, is facing her 30th birthday and questioning everything she’s done (or hasn’t) with her life.

Rapunzel, a sex-crazed socialite and one-woman powerhouse, is on a self-destructive quest to make up for 20 years locked away in a tower.

Penelopea, an outsider with a mother-in-law from hell, is harboring a secret that could ruin everything at any moment.

One part Sex and the City, two parts Desperate Housewives, and three parts Brothers Grimm, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER picks up where the original tales left off—and reimagines them a la Gregory Maguire’s Wicked. With the wit of authors like Jennifer Weiner and the vision of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the women of DESPERATELY EVER AFTER rescue each other from life’s trials with laughter, wine, and a scandalous new take on happily ever after.

An anachronistic delight. I liked this book.

Story-line, amazing! Really, what if happily ever after was never the big, bang end, and there was a more realistic end made in place for all these princesses? Cinderella ageing, worried about wrinkles, baby fat and fitting into her first magical gown? (marvelous!) Rampunzel a sassy, Samantha-Jones look alike who treats men like they were cows, lassoed, played with and dumped into whatever pen they came from? (spectacular!) Belle, dealing with more than a Son of a Beast, but a cheating, lying, monster of a husband on her hand? (pentastic!) Who wouldn’t want to read something new, refreshing and fan-freaking-tastic? Praise to Laura Kenyon.

As I’ve spoken about some of the characters above, you know I liked them much. But there were others too that held my attention. Like Julianne, the bitchy sister who wants Belle’s happiness. Perry Hilderbrand, the connoisseur of gossip; think of this guy as a Perez Hilton with a tongue as sharp as the bluntest knife so battering a celebrated figure into pieces is painful, awful, slow poison. Oh, you would love Ruby, the fairy godmother who is out to protect our favourite princesses and stern about the happily-ever-after theory. Ethan, the charming guy who won one of our favourite princesses’ heart (in and out of bed!).

What would also do it for you in the humour section is the whole setting. Laura’s transformation of New York into a sensational setting fit for real queens (and not the ones from gossip girl!) is just so going down in the history books. With references to all clichés in fairy tales, Laura whips up an amazing setting perfect for fans who want to relive their amazing fairy tale days.

The suspense in this book also earns a star from me. The plot is downright, um, unguessable (if you get what I mean). Really, it all boils down to the fact that Laura changes the whole shebang presenting life after the happily-ever-after. The mystery with who’s cheating and which princess is cheating with whose husband got me totally engaged.
I like the element of fantasy this book had. But was it fantastic? Hmm… as much as I liked it. I wished I loved, loved it. The humour thing is what every author hates about me, I guess. With a subject matter like this, I expected the humour to be top-notch. There was humour though, don’t get me wrong, but I just wished I didn’t have to wait long intervals before I burst into, um, a chuckle.

So my rating, Four stars.

Laura’s amazing debut can be bought at amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who’s a big fan of fairy-tale-revamped titles. Anyone who thinks the notion of happily-ever-after is all a fake, and that in real marriages there are bound to be rough-patches. Anyone who wants a debut author to watch before they sky-rocket into huge recognition should get this title. And anyone who really wants to find a way to ditch reading the monotonous fairy tales to their kids once in a while, and pick up something more realistic should grab this.

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