Review + Giveaway: Tongue In Chic by Kristie Clements

Blurb:  An eye-opening account of all that is tantalising and addictive in the crazy world of high fashion.

Following in the stiletto heels of her bestselling The Vogue Factor, Kirstie Clements' Tongue in Chic is a witty and salacious exposé of the world of glossy fashion magazines - a tell-all by the ultimate insider.

True events revolve around the fictitious Chic magazine, where an average day involves counting calories (preferably other people's), masterful justification of spending half an annual salary on a blue fox fur, and keeping a kohl-lined eye on the competition.

Tongue in Chic delivers an eye-opening account of all that is tantalising and addictive in the crazy world of high fashion.

Note from the author: The characters and scenarios in this book are drawn from a career that spanned over twenty-five years, and are a hybrid of the many people I encountered over this period. They do not refer to any specific individual. All dates, names and titles have been changed, combined and exaggerated. Slightly.

Imagine this: You are EIC of a hip fashion magazine. Judging tomorrow’s trends are your thing. Pulling down your contact lenses below your nose and giving an employee the “What the fuck do you have on look?” seems like a pastime. And whenever there’s a trace of fat on anyone you know, you are quick to point it out “Hey, I hope that slab is a just a tummy tuck gone awry.”

At least that’s what people perceive you to be. The Devil.

But you are not really so.

You might wear Prada, attend all the Prêt-á-porter shows in all the fashion capitals sitting front row with your signature brocade skirt, a stole and an accessory that would give your outfit an oomph to look so-this-season, dine and wine with celebrities and fashion’s elite. But then, what if there’s more to being just an EIC of the world’s most prestigious fashion brand people wouldn’t ever find out until you tell?

This book is a winner!! All my life, you all regulars on this blog know my only dream is to be the Editor In Chief of a hip, fashionable men’s magazine (GQ, all the way!), so you can’t even imagine how I related to this book. I don’t see why fashion lovers wouldn’t absolutely gush over this book over a diet coke. It’s all you would expect a book super-packed with fashion to be. And the reading experience is even more tantalizing when you find out you are really holding non-fiction.──

Was I frightened when before I picked this book? Hell, yes! A part of me felt I wouldn’t be able to love it given it’s non-fiction and all. But I tell you, I loved, loved the writing style. It was so effortless and didn’t even feel like it was a non-fiction title. It felt like a breezy fiction title but with more density and had more of the feel-good factor given that you were assured what you were reading are facts!── ★★

This book is deliciously insightful. Everything, just everything you would want to know about being the EIC of a hip fashion magazine. The constant fears of being in the digital age with print dying out fast; the managers who made it seem taking trips to exotic locations for photo shoots was just another chance for you to jet off on an all-expense paid holiday; the fashion bloggers giving you a run for your money posting everything on the internet; the models who get thinner and thinner every year on the runways; the bid to ace that celeb before your rival magazine got her on their covers instead; the constant battle between you and your rivals; the interviewees who for some reason thought working in a magazine like Chic was a sure way to get free stuff; the employees who against all odds would jet off with that vintage Jean Paul Gaultier gown to wear for their own weddings; the strict office diet-watchers who are quick to call a model on a little gained fat; the fashion week outfit dilemmas you only thought present in the movies; the talk of who has done what (to their faces) and with whom; the managers that keep cutting the number of staff; the husband that keeps sending you emails whenever your child is sick and for some Paris Fashion Week you cannot fly back.; All the dilemma that’s being overshadowed by the world’s perception of your glitzy and glamorous job just because you happen to be spotted wearing a simple Balenciaga boot (that would later snap in the presence of fashion’s most obeyed elite). All these would sure get you asking “How does she do it?” It’s not like you do not do anyway but, this time the question would be out of realization than sheer amazement (because you’ve read the facts).── ★★★

Again, towards the end, there was this dense theme of happiness that cropped up that I really liked. At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you enjoy your profession considering all the perks, the lows and the perceptions. “Is it all worth it?” we mostly ask ourselves when deep in thought. This factor added some substance to this work.── ★★★★
I’m not supposed to bring this but: The uncertain end was what made this book the star that it is for me. It gives you, the reader, the opportunity to fill in the blank spaces and answer the “So what is she going to do next?” question on your own.── ★★★★★ (Answers you might find out if you follow @kristieclements on twitter.)

I am giving this book a five star!

Kristie Clement’s fantastic and fashionably delicious work, Tongue In Chic, is available on Amazon. If you are like me who would grab her debut, The Vogue Factor, you can find it here.

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I recommend this to anybody who has some ties to the world of fashion or not. Anyone who still keeps up their subscription to all the glossies or not. Anyone who fancies reading something fixed a little stronger than fiction. Anyone who would love to send me an email to gush about titles, should get this! Surely, it’s the one book to make centerpiece for your brunch table.
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