Review+Giveaway: Diary of an Unsmug Married by Polly James



Imagine this: Bridget Jones once said all married women should feel smug. Do you? If you have a husband who no longer fancies you enough, or doesn’t know what you are wearing to bed is a flashy new underwear you bought to impress him, or if he takes long business trips without giving you the hotel information. Should you feel smug then?

Or when you feel your job is the most shittiest job in the world, with no protection, attending some of the craziest constituents and getting backed up against the wall with a knife on your throat almost every time.

You married life, your professional life, and personal (with the super-sexy neighbor who keeps popping in for a cockscrew getting your husband’s attention for a few more seconds than you would) is in shambles. And proving you can still be fun and flirtatious and attractive to someone might mean emailing pictures of your butt to an old flame (or whatever he was you are failing to remember) over at Russia.

The crazy life of Molly Bennett summed up for your entertainment.


I liked this book.

The storyline was great. One woman married for long, husband hardly notices her anymore, children hormonal teenagers, shitty job in politics, offering wondering if she would be a happily-ever-after pensioner or one going to be stuck in a nursing home, recently sending pics of your butt to an old lover. Brilliant.
── ★★

I loved Molly. Very relatable to all the mothers out there who feel they’ve lost some spark in their relationships, anyone with a super-annoying boss and husband and roughly all men in their lives being assholes.── ★★

The characters in the book are amazing. From Molly’s mum who’s worried about her painful backside, to Molly’s dad who loves a little hank-panky with his neighbors even though his hitting seventies, to Greg the annoying coworker, Andrew the dickhead MP who’s more than occasionally not sure what views he’s standing for. Josh, the skateboarding son with no talent (for skateboarding). Connie, the daughter who always, always tells the truth even during an interview for questions when you are supposed to give a static lies to earn the job. A star to these characters and the all the many others that made  reading this book a blast. (I could go on and on)── ★★★

The humor in this book is sick. Very hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny. And everyone knows I love my chick-lit hilarious. So more humor means more points for me. But at certain times I thought the author was trying too hard. Anyway, a star to the humor.── ★★★★

I liked this book. But I would have loved it if there was a particular direction to the story, some suspense something moving enough to keep me reading for a long time besides the humor.

So my rating: Four stars.

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I recommend this book to anyone who wants something funny this summer, all the mothers out there who feel there’s something wrong with their relationships with their husbands and children, anyone who feels their job or their bosses are shitty. And most importantly, anyone who’s receiving those emails from an old flame their itching to reply to (but for the sake of common senseand a marriage they’d want to keepdon’t).
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Review+Giveaway: The Time Of Our Lives by Jane Costello



Imagine This: You are a single-mum. Work always seems hectic on its own. Now even more so with a four-year old in the picture.

Thank God you can afford a holiday these days. Or your friend can win one of those rafflecopters on Facebook no one ever seems to win. Hola, Barcelona!
You ditch your four-year old with your mum amidst tears, you tell your boss you’d like to switch on your phone in case he needs help. He tells you, you are on a holiday so you should really try relaxing.

You’re super-excited to be taking this holiday with your friends since this would be your fist holiday in six years.

Tragedy strikes, when you bump into a super-sexy guy after piling up your plate on the plane, when the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat and getting his cookies all over your hair, when you get to Barcelona and your room is not ready yet, when your boss keeps ringing you about some PR work you need to be attending to(!), when you can’t move on and forget your ex, when you have no time to read past the first line of your book, when you can’t seem to avoid Super-sexy Guy, when you chase down a pickpocket, when you are told to avoid all journalists on your holiday (who want to get info out of you about some scandal at work), when you can’t seem to talk right but blab in the presence of Super-sexy Guy, when you find out super-sexy guy is a journalist… FUCK. Tragedy still keeps coming.

I liked this book.

The storyline was perfect. Three friends on holiday, meet up to have a blast, yet Main character cannot seem to get off work related matters, and avoid all journalists no matter how sexy they seem. A star to the storyline.
I loved Imogen. So relatable. Mums out there would dig her, because it’s not always easy to juggle a job as the (acting) manager to one of the biggest companies in the UK and still get enough time to spend with your four-year old who cannot manage to say I love you back. You would love her when she chases pickpockets, when she’s supportive to her two friends, and when she cannot manage to get past the first line of her book because she can’t afford turning deaf ears to her phone.──

I loved the other characters. Meredith, the funky pregnant friend with an on-an-off relationship; Nicola, the over-protective friend. To Imogen’s mum who’d call about the (slightest) unimportant issue. To David the boss, and Carmel his wife. All the character were worth reading about.── ★★

The suspense in this book is also a feature that kept me on the edge of my seat. One minute you are unsure of if Imogen would be able to rescue her company, next you are worried if she’d be able to rescue her job. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the end. And trust me, I was fulfilled.── ★★★

I liked this book. But I really wished I could have loved, loved it. It had a shaky start, it took me time to really get involved. But of course, it beat my fifteen percent specification for books I’d review.── ★★★★

My rating: Four-point-five stars.

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I recommend this book to all the mums out there. The ones finding it difficult juggling between their jobs and their babies. Anyone who wants something to relax to this summer should get this.

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Review+Giveaway: Take Mom Out by Fiona Gibson.


 Blurb: "What do you need a boyfriend for? You're a mum." Fiona Gibson's eagerly awaited new novel is full of dating disasters. Sharply observed and laugh-out-loud funny, its perfect for fans of Tracy Bloom, Kate Long and Tess Stimson. Three blind dates Two teenage boys messing up her plans And one man who'll melt Alice's heart. 'You need to get back in the saddle...' Alice despises that phrase. She's fine being single - with two slothful teenage boys and a meringue business to run, she has enough on her plate without negotiating the troublesome world of modern dating. However, Alice's three best friends have other ideas. Each one will present her with an utterly delicious, eligible man - all Alice has to do is pick her favorite. Perfect for fans of Tracy Bloom, Kate Long and Tess Stimson.

                                                                MY SYNOPSIS
Imagine This: You are a mum of two. A single mum of two after ditching your so irresponsible husband who’d lazy around the house all day having no aspirations. Things have been hard, but you’ve still managed to bring up two very, um, responsible boys very, um, different from their father, I guess. So now you are two-timing a job as a school-secretary and a meringue business which you just had a permit to operate.

So maybe you’ve forgotten about love, or dating, or men, or sex. But you would if you have two hormonal teenage boys to raise who always roll their eyes at your every command. Fuck Tom, your husband who’s now all over Stylish Living with his new wife and a huge business empire with a lovely daughter. Looking very responsible (like he never was) and still fresh-faced.

You don’t envy Tom, you wish him all the best, you’ve moved on and you’ve proved that to yourself and your sons so many times. But your friends think you are stuck up on him because you’ve not actually dated, dated since you gave him the boot. And your mum thinks you are too fat to find a new guy. Your friends think you look fab, despite whatever your mum says and intend to get you back in the game (if ever you were after marrying your childhood sweetheart).

So now here you are juggling three guys with different personalities  (some awful, some not-too-awesome) and you are wondering why you ever agreed to dating again. After so long, just how exactly do you get back into the dating scene where everything has changed? And how do you come back home unscathed without your sons teasing you about just kissing Fat-Tongue Man… right after using your cleansing cloth for a little cleansing (of their anus) of their own?

I simple ah-dored this book! So you know in my review I would be screaming at you to get this.

I loved the story-line. Mum hasn’t been in dating for a while, mum running a meringue business, mum single, mum dealing with two hormonal teenage boys who love you one minute when you get them that hot chocolate sticks and hate you when you try to tidy up their room, mum’s friends forcing her back into dating game and actually get to pick one guy each for her (so new). Totally brilliant how Fiona executed it. So mature, yet very, very interesting.──

I am nuts for the plot of this book. Again, the execution. It struck me that the whole thing didn’t seem choreographed as with other books I’ve read. It seemed so true-to-life, from one action to the other. Like mom is in the kitchen chatting with friends, then there's a blast of laughter from the TV room or a whoosh from the shower from one of your boys who likes to take long baths.──

I loved Alice Sweet! So relatable, so mature. Every mother would love to be Alice, worry too much when her boys even keep telling her she worries too much, does everything for her boys from laundry to making them scramble eggs in the exact texture each of them want them in.  You would so, so love her. As much as I did.── ★★

Not only Alice, but the other characters in this book made it worth reading. There’s Alice’s mum who’s so criticizing of everything Alice does (much like every mother). There’s Viv, the raunchy all-over the place friend who would remind you of Samantha (Sex And The City). There’s Ingrid who’s very sophisticated she’d remind you of Miranda in Sex And The City but with a little more uptightness and class. There’s Kritsy, the other friend who’d bare so much resemblance to Charlotte, very motherly and sweet (enough to have her husband dictate to her for long). Oh, you would love Clemmie, the next-door-neighbor, who loves to show off her property and give Alice the Stylish Living mags so she learns tips on how to decorate her very small flat. I loved each of them!── ★★★

I love the humor in this title. Very funny, lots of chuckling moments. And it’s just so amazing when Fiona likens things to motherhood duties you would so giggle at.── ★★★★

One feature about this book that you would so love is the ending. Very unexpected, very heart-warming. One of those chick-flicks where after watching you get this big chest expansion and makes you want to resurrect the characters afterwards even after the ending.── ★★★★★

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I recommend this book to every mom. Every woman who plans on being a mum of boys so they actually know they have a huge job cut out for them. Every woman who loves her chick-lit amazing, and heartwarming to pick this up.

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Review: Browse, Click, Love by Cherie Kay.


Cady has everything a young professional could want - a condo in Florida, fantastic friends, a job she doesn't hate, and an eye for fashion. Still bruised after a surprise break-up, she is looking for love and the meaning of life, disguised as an assignment for work. Her adventure into online dating is full of outrageous situations, epic embarrassment, heartwarming friendships, and a surprise insight or two along the way. Cady discovers that the dating world is as confusing as we are. This is her story of love, life and the pursuit of a decent date, fake or otherwise.

REVIEW by Sandra, my blogging partner.

                                             MY Synopsis 

Trust me your life can't be shittier than the life of Cady Muddles, maybe interesting but still shitty. 29 years and recently dumped from a three-year old relationship with a guy you absolutely adore for no apparent reason, other than the fact that he wants some space, total bullshit. Only to see him hanging with your soo perfect and sweet  neighbor who unlike you is an accomplished writer with her own column. Such a bitch (I mean the guy). And what could be more worse than meeting him every where and you always end up embarrassing yourself like falling face first at a bar after a failed attempt to belly dance,or falling from the stage of a rock concert (lol).. Soo humiliating gosh!

As if your life was not bad enough, your 50-something year old Mum had to go and fall in love with a 37-year old French guy and is about travel to the other side of the globe to a country that speaks a language called fang(lol). But you realize that it doesn't sound that bad if you get pass the age and moving away thing that her fiancee is not that bad.

At least something good happened to you, you get the chance to make your big break as being a good journalist. Online dating ranging from a 75-year old man, to a lesbian, creepy foot fetish, an animal lover among others. Fortunately you have awesome friends who always have your back. 

Interesting the life of Cady Muddles.


                                        My Review

OMG! this book is Soo and Awesome! And borrowing Kobby's words, I loved, loved this book so much. It was just on point, every single flip of the page. You should most definitely read this book.

It was laugh-out-loud hilarious. I laughed soo hard my ribs hurt soo badly.  Gosh Cherie rocked this book. I had to keep assuring my Dad I wasn't crazy, cause i had a glued smile on my lips. I must have looked weird to my parents.

Great storyline, it actually gave great dating tips without the feel of being at a lecture. You know those boring dating books with bullets that go like "Do not date someone you dont know". Yikes! Boooo Sooo boring. Such books put me off big time. Oh but not this time, I totally enjoyed reading about Cadi's dating escapades.

The characters are perfect! So hilarious, so worth-reading about.

I had from Tuesday to Friday to finish the book and I was done by Tuesday evening. Yeah, I could literally not put the book down.

I loved this book from beginning to end and I love Cherie Kay even more for such a wonderful book. So Chic and amazing and awesome and perfect. (Lol, i must sound Cheesy but i promise you, you would love this book soo fucking much).★★★★★

My favorite book soo far this year. Thumbs up.
Rate: five stars/ five stars (deserves every star).

Browse. Click. Love by Cherie Kay is available on amazon.

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