Mini Blogging Break.

Hello Everyone,

As you’ve noticed, for some time now I haven’t been regular with my reviews.
No, this is not a short of books on my part (fortunately), it’s that I have been trying hard to balance education with blogging and the result: One book review per week. Sad, I know.

One book per week has now evolved to no-book per week thanks to the motherfucker called examination. (No need to excuse my French because it isn’t French at all!). As much as I hate examinations and everything about formal education (you would find out here——although if I were you, a consistent reader of my blog, I wouldn’t click the link because I would be aware of the misleading nature of the owner of this blog and his love for very NFSW material), I have to put away fiction to read more painful Thomas Hardy. (Fiction should be entertaining, thank you).

Long story short, it’s recess from blogging till May 9th.

Summer Reading awaits! Christ, I am announcing my desire for a very sunny shelf this 

May(!) so feel free book agents, publicists, authors, and other workaholics to email me about Summer 2015 titles!

Thank you for understanding.

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