Book Review: Saving Grace by Jane Green

Imagine This: You have the perfect life. The perfect marriage with a best-selling author. The perfect daughter who’s almost engaged to the sweetest guy. A perfect assistant who makes your life looks, um, yes, perfect and seem seamlessly glamorous.

A perfect life. At least on the outside.

You might head charities. You might always be in style sections of magazines labelled ‘Most Stylish’. You might have the weight every woman your age would dream of. The face that keeps anti-ageing as Forties rear its head.

Your perfect life is being held by its perfect seams. Till your godsent assistant leaves.

No one knows the moment you get home and drop your keys on your kitchen counter, you are terrified your husband is still in a fit. No one knows you are scared shitless of your husband’s tantrums and dread the day the vases he flings against a wall might accidentally crush into your face. No one knows your husband is a complete lunatic when he doesn’t get what he wants. And no one knows you are terrified. Terrified, not only by your husband, but by the fear of becoming… JUST. LIKE. YOUR. MOTHER. Terrified by the fear of becoming severely manic.

You need a new assistant quick. Someone to hold it all, so your life seems perfect again.

Fortunately, you get one soon enough.

She’s too perfect she’s a dream come true. But this perfect stranger, wants your perfect life. And you’d bloody go through hell to a) realize, b) stop her before it’s too late and c) convince everyone your mother never passed off her genes to you.

Grace Chapman’s perfect life torn to imperfect shreds for your delight.

I loved, loved this book. So you know in my review I’d be yelling at you to go get it, don’t you?

My experience with Jane Green’s style came from Swapping Lives. A book I happily devoured… till it’s owner demanded her book back! (Apparently, it was a taboo to enjoy her book than she would WHEN SHE HAD NOT EVEN BOTHERED READING IT!)

I adore the storyline to this title. Woman is terrified of her husband. Woman’s perfect life is almost dissolved by her husband’s tantrums when their perfect assistant leaves. Woman introduces a new assistant into their home. Assistant might be bent on claiming everything Woman has. Or is Woman just being paranoid like her husband says? Love, love, love it! A star to the storyline.── ★

One thing about Jane Green’s writing, you fans already adore is her approach to the very difficult omniscient point-of-view in present tense(!) It gives this solemn quality to her titles and enhances her communication of the dense themes she seems to portray in her titles. A star.── ★★

You’d absolutely revere Grace Chapman. I do love highly composed women in their forties who exude grace under pressure and do a great job of bottling it all up so no one is privy to what goes on indoors in their homes. But how much more could you take before you finally crack? Amazing character! You would love her poise, her perfect image as society’s perfect wife. You would probably not relate to her, but you’d be enamoured of how she manages to keep it all under control without a flip switching off in her head (yet). A star to Grace.── ★★★

Other characters make this novel the literary engaging masterpiece it is. There’s Sybil, the friend who’s far from perfect, far from a size ten, far from polished and far from looking like she has it all under control like our lead (Grace). There’s also Ted, Grace’s husband who switches from complete jerk and lovely husband in a split second. There’s Clemmie, the perfect daughter who’s engaged to the perfect guy. There’s Lydia, the woman who taught Grace the number one thing that brings her joy: cooking. There’s Patrick, the adorable childhood friend who possibly still carries a torch for Grace (or has Hollywood already done his head in and made him a complete moron? but why would Grace care?). You’d also love-to-hate Beth, the assistant who at one time, Grace considers heavensent, then the next is contemplating if she’s wearing a mask over hellish features. A star to these characters.── ★★★★

Don’t you love Women’s Fiction that’s highly analytical? Women’s fiction that gives you a deeper insight into issues all you women face? Moreover, women’s fiction that offers you recipes for making meals that are sure to make your blood pressure go down a notch when you are feeling intensely worried?── ★★★★★

Suspense, check.

My rating: Five/Five stars (5/5 stars).

Saving Grace is available on amazon. Get it, and while at that, scoop all the other Jane Green titles you haven’t picked up.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a book with a lovable, relatable, enviable heroine. I recommend this book to anyone who wants their Women’s Fiction laced with lessons they could learn and pass on to friends. Anyone who is fan of Jane Green should grab this as she doesn’t disappoint with this title. The perfect book for a group of women to sit around a brunch table and discuss.

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