Happy Holidays: The Greatest Gift This Christmas + INT GIVEAWAY

What would you do if all your friends abandoned you for cooler countries?

For me, the answer to the above question was, get a life! But how exactly did I get a life if really I had nothing to live for?

So I needed to get my zest for life back. Here’s how I started:
I put all my interests on board, going through them, analysing them, judging them based on ‘would they help me make my friends see they made the biggest mistake of their lives deserting me?’

But that didn’t help.

Sheesh, I needed to grow up! I needed to move on with my life and stop making everything a big fuck-up about them leaving me. Chances are, they were living life to the max, and I was here moping and scheming for ways to make them see I was The Friend they let go away. I needed to take on my interests in a different light. I needed to take on my interests based on the fact that they were my passion and that I loved doing them (not because I wanted something to say, “Aha! You ungrateful morons! Take that for leaving me all alone.”).

I scanned over my list, which included tanning (I don’t have the complexion for this!), working out (look what happened with my friends, so clearly I didn’t have the heart for cardiovascular), singing (Oh, I got bored when every song that came out of my lips was a sad––and horrible rendition of––an Adele track) and books.


My eyes focused on the last five-letter words. Reading came to me, curling up on a sofa with a book came to me, hiding in the dark garage from my dog and (even more from) my family with a torchlight illuminating a book came to me.
Then I knew what to do.

Books were an escape, a fine one. This year, The List by Joanna Bolouri wowed me, and opened a different portal to me where I began to view sex as a positive change to anybody who could really use some achievable New Year Resolutions. The Secret Paris Cinema Club threw me into the amazing scenery of Paris and lovers of the old monochrome pictures and showed me a world where love has no limitations. Low Expectations by Elizabeth Aaron jetted me into the dramatic life of a fashion student dealing with her addiction to men with beards, and taught me life can sometimes throw you a-light-in-the-tunnel curveball even when things are going not-so-well, but only if you choose to work on your goals, and persevere a little (more), success is yours!
I love books. They have given a whole new dimension to me and a whole new meaning to my life. That’s why I would always say, (even if you whack me in the head with a Harry Potter novel), books are the greatest gift to give to anyone this Christmas.

And a big Thank You to Quercus for supplying me with a whole lot of books this year to review. Quercus, also deciding to help me surprise you all, are giving away five books (I chose) to be mailed out to you this Christmas with these themed stylish bookmarks.

Just comment on this post (answering the question: Why Books Are The Greatest Gift?) and enter the raffle below to win...


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Happy Holidays
Kobby.           `           


  1. Books are the greatest gifts because they never stop giving. The good ones - the stories and the characters stay with you, and make you feel warm every time you think about them. And they are always there to pick up again when you need a little pick me up or you just want to indulge. Books are the perfect gifts. Happy Holidays!

  2. Books are the greatest gift because they can transport you to another life or another place. Depending on your mood, you can pick up a book, and be instantly immersed whether it be funny, sad, self-help, historical, other-worldly, etc. They have the added bonus of being able to be read again and again.

  3. Yes, OnDBookshelf! "There is no frigate like a book to take us worlds away..." And you don't even need a passport :)

  4. They take you away into another world. The stories stay with you.

  5. Books are the best gifts because they are one of those few gifts that can be shared and are always "in style"!

  6. Because they give you a new, incredible world :)