Book Review: The Story Of Us by Dani Atkins

Imagine This: Scrap that. How on earth could you imagine this?

Imagine reconciling with your childhood sweetheart and reigniting your relationship after London broke you two apart. Now you two are heading for marriage. Marriage your whole town has labelled perfect, marriage your best friends are willing to be bridesmaids without resentment, marriage your mother stolen by dementia and your dad quitting his job to take care of her approves of.

Then on your hen night, everything is robbed from you. Almost.

The accident hits you hard, you almost died but for a dashing American text-book hero-kind who pulled you out of the car seconds before it lit up the night sky in flames. Though you died internally after surviving only to discover tragedy has already befallen.

Now days to your wedding, the fine American gentleman that saved your life can’t get out of your mind and can’t stop stopping by your workplace to find out how you are faring. Of course you love your boyfriend. Very much. But is your heart telling you what your head isn’t: Bang the American, Bang The American, Bang The American?

Or perhaps, you are just mistaking, you think, as you cast your gaze down on your wedding ring, then look away into the skies in reminiscence of the tragic almost-near-death experience that binds you to this American.

It’s your heart doing all the talking not your head. But clearly, happily-ever-after never existed with the princess being ridden into the sun by two gallants. Make a decision. It’s barely seventy-two hours to your wedding.

Emma’s dilemma summed up for your delight.

I liked this book.

A wonderful story-line. I wanted to rip it open the moment I read the blurb. And I did. My reactions: OMG (at the beginning), Hell (in the middle), Ohh (during the end). So Girl gets accident and decides which man she has to spend the rest of her life with: her fiancé or her knight in shining armour. It’s even a hard decision considering the time she’s taken to know both men. Trust me, if you were in her position, you’d have just wanted to blow up in that car. A star to the story-line.── ★

The premise of this book was lovely––is lovely. I just love how Dani Atkins paints out the whole accident, so vivid the reader is just at the edge of their seat right at the start of the book. Who wouldn’t want that in a book? I hardly comment on the premise of a book. So you should know is really worth it (considering how I always don’t go on and on in my reviews. Ha!). A star to the premise.── ★★

You would love the main characters of this tale. From Emma, the lovely main character who you would all sympathize with and just worry why one earth she’d have to endure such a terrible accident, a terrible loss, and decide which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with (too!). As if she hasn’t had enough of her plate. You would also love Richard, the childhood sweetheart who just won’t bugger off. And Jack, the fine American gentleman who’s always ‘right behind’ our heroine in case she falls on her butt, sitting on a sharp rock, and gets an awful bruise (Really, there were other worst situations in the book, I just didn’t want to get away without bringing this up). A star to these characters.── ★★★

The presentation of this work, was… off the chart! Who would have known the title was so chosen appropriately as you read lots of books that have titles you just go with. Dani Atkins’ blend of the present and the past in this title had a unifying union (really, the tautology is allowed) effect to the plot that yoked all the missing pieces in a beautiful ending that could rival the ending of lots of romantic-comedies. A star to presentation and the beautiful ending.── ★★★★

I loved this book. But, I wish I ‘loved, loved’ it. I wish there were lots of complications and I wish the supporting characters were fleshed enough to win my hearts too––they were good, but could have been best.

So my rating: I wanted to plaster on this book the four-star stamp. But for such a beautiful ending which gave me lots of gasps and hangovers even hours after closing it, I’d give it the four-point-five star stamp (4.5/5).

Dani Atkins’ amazing latest is available on Amazon.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a book that is this moving for their Christmas. Anyone who wants a book leaving them with warmth even after days of reading it this wintry season, should get this.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads.


  1. What? You're not even going to give us a hint????? Now I am totally salivating to read this! Good job, Kobby and Dani, making this so tempting!

    1. I don't read and tell. Thanks for the comment BTW. Hope to gain your emails gushing on this book as well. xx

    2. I figured :) I love your summary. "Bang the American!" Your whole post is just so great. Dani must be over the moon :)