Blast From The Past Book Review Plus Giveaway: The Dating Game by Susan Buchanan

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Blurb: Workaholic recruitment consultant, Gill McFadden, is sick of her friends trying to match-make for her. Up until now her love life has been a disaster and she’s going through a drier spell than the Sahara desert.

She realises she has to act, as work keeps piling up and at this rate she will have retired before she has time for a relationship.

Seeing an ad on a bus one day, she decides to visit Happy Ever After dating agency. She quickly discovers men are like buses. They all come along at once. Unsure what her type is, Gill decides to keep her options open. Soon she has problems juggling her social life as well as her work diary. Will she ever strike the right balance?

Before long she is experiencing laughs, lust and… could it be love? But like everything in Gill’s life, nothing is straightforward and she ends up wondering exactly who she can trust.

Dating has never been this variegated and fun, thanks to Susan Buchanan. It's the one book that would get you back in the game!

For Gill it's all about work. More work. Much more work. Running her own recruitment agency, her only social life might just be meeting with the girls for drinks. No time in her schedule for herself. No time for her parents. No time for Dating.

Mundane. In one word that's how you would describe her life (unless, her life it's a carbon copy of yours then you'd get touchy). Sex-deprived. In one compound word (for fancy's sakes) that's how you would describe her girly bits. Think back when you too been out of the game (I don't mean dating) for long, and you have Gill: unnerved, less relaxed, frantic. Then one day, you are strutting down the street, feeling all Carrie Bradshaw after nailing some major paperwork, all of a sudden a bus hustles by, then you have that Sex and The City moment you've been longing for. Of course, what were you thinking! You don't see yourself on the bus (unless you own a sex column), you run a recruitment agency for fucks sake! What you see is a poster advertising a Dating Agency for professionals like you. You jump at it because it beats OKCupid (and even Facebook, you desperate ladies out there. I don't judge, the best lovers are first friends), say bye bye to all those weirdos that have come your way to try something with very refined people.

Until the profiles keep piling from the agency. Then you are going on dates that are interfering with your professional life. Karaoke, bowling, free dinners, free drinks, free lunch, art galleries, a Scottish wedding. For you it's all worth it because the hefty subscription fee could cater for a new wardrobe spilling with designer labels. For your friends it's all fun because you get to have more time discussing suitable profiles and not so suitable ones over drinks and dinner, noting down the red flags and the brownie points.

Then shit! You find out the world's biggest assholes hide in suits. By then you are in too deep, wondering why that guy isn't calling. Didn't he have as much fun as you did? When he doesn't call you hit rock bottom, struggle to pick yourself up. Finally you do. After all, these profiles don't date themselves!

That's just The Dating Game. You freshen up, strap on your Louboutins and move on.

This book was amazing! So true to life! It's one of those books both the storyline and the main character are relatable. I mean 9.5 out of ten women have dated. A lot of women past thirty are single (please, I do mean it in a good way. Cheers women! Who needs men anyway!). Anyway, we all know the Dating Game is hard. All the fretting over what outfit to wear, 'Oh, will this guy love it if I touch up with too much makeup?', the 'Is he enjoying this as much as I am?', "No, kissing on the first date", "Oh, why didn't he kiss me? Did I have something stuck between my teeth? Or do I have BMO?—" *smell check* "—No, I don't!". So fun how Susan Buchanan captures it all, not leaving a snippet.—★ Oh, and lest I forget, "Does my purchasing a new set of lingerie mean we might be getting it on tonight?"

Gill was just a plus character. You know, I just found out Susan names her chicklit, 'Chicklit without the fluff." . Yeah, the genre is prone to many airheads we chicklit lovers know, but Gill's got the brains, the looks, the boobs. She's about the only chicklit character who'd agree she's hotter than a close friend. And as if that isn't enough, she's independent! Just like you when you were thirty-seven!—★★

Don't you love just UK chicklit?—★★★ Anyway, that's not the point here.

The characters in this book are so, so, entertaining! You remember all the funny dating stories you relate to all your friends? Well, Gill has a lot of funny, weird, wolf in sheep's tailored suit to relate to you. There's Charlie, the nice-looking, buffed guy with a hidden agenda, Sean who gets plastered during a first date, Anton(!) the guy who'd ask whether he can kiss you, Gary who would take you from surprise to surprise yet you feel no spark, so much more! For if not Gill's friends, she would have ended up choosing the terrible profiles, so you would love Angela, Lisa (Raarr!), Debbie. All these with their discussions on who to date made this book a fun experience in the journey through dating!—★★★★

Gasp. You would, a lot! There are lots of Oh Moments of Gee, and you will be so shocked you are never going to see it coming. Frankly, you will feel sorry for Gill because sometimes you might have two choices. And all these two are incredible lovers. All these two give you the spark. So who would it be? It's a win-win with every choice. It's a lose-lose with every choice.

But I did love the ending, the whole book as a matter of fact! It was the kind that would make you sing Natasha Beddingfield's Pocket Full Of Sunshine all along.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Dating Game, your handbook through all the woes of Dating is available on Amazon and Amazon UK .

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I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get back into the Dating game or not! Anyone who wants something or someone they can sympathize and relate to. Anyone who wants something true to life. This book kinda reminded me of Zoe Strimpel's 'What The Hell Is He Thinking?', you know the Woman's guide to Dating/relationships/all the brouhaha. So if you've read that, Gill is simply acting out Zoe's dating horrors.

My work not done here. Off to post my review on Goodreads as well as Amazon.

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