A Day In The Life: Niecey Roy (Author Of Fender Bender Blues)

If you know Niecey Roy, you should love her. Her debut Fender Bender Blues won lots of hearts boasting an average rating of four stars.

Well, since she's hotcakes (or at least her book is), we wanted more than a Rachael Bennett perspective on an account of just a day in her life. And ooh, she she gave us more than we deserved.

So if she isn't writing, we know Niecey Roy is...

How my day begins…

I would just like to start by saying I have the WORST, most ANNOYING, horrible alarm in the entire world. I chose this alarm because the very sound of it sends chills up and down my spine. Probably, it even results in a mini heart attack.

What it doesn’t do is stop me from pressing the snooze button and nodding off for another eight minutes before it sounds again. If you have an iPhone, go into your sounds and choose the Old Car Horn, put it on the loudest ringer option and play it. You will know my pain.

(Seems like she's at her siren's beck and call)

So after I hit snooze from 6:30 until 7:30 (ha ha!!!) I am up, bleary eyed, moody and in desperate need for coffee. I am not a morning person. Mornings are for the birds. And I am not a bird. Nothing so graceful; my husband said I sound like an elephant walking through our house. I’m 5’3”. I shouldn’t sound like an elephant.

(Mwaaah, how was your night, hon?")

To sum up my morning: I am, A, always late; B, crabby until I get coffee pumping through my veins; and, C, awkwardly heavy on my feet.

(Niecey Roy wears Cowboy boots)

The in-between, a.k.a ~~ The Day Job: A necessary evil…I have a great day job. You cannot feel sorry for me, not even a little bit. Some people hate their jobs. I don’t. I can’t even say I hate it a little. I’m a legal assistant for an attorney. And no, we don’t work with high profile cases and defend bad guys knocking people off in a mob hit. We do insurance litigation, school law and corporate law. We do get some interesting cases, though, in civil litigation. I really wish I could share these, but attorney-client privilege is what it is. However, I can say that we’ve been offered payment with dog food before, ha! Oh, and one time this really scary guy came in with his drug dealer friends and asked if we’d represent him for First Degree Murder. Obviously, we didn’t take the case. I almost peed my pants just talking to them. I referred themto the phone book.

(Ohh, I wish I had a trash can)

I have a really great office that I sit in for eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. I have a wall that is three-quarters window, so my view of the street is amazing. You wouldn’t believe the crazy things that happen in this town (we have a population of about 60,000, I think.) Like this one day, I was dazing off at a nice tree across the street in front of the bank when about eight swat cars screeched to a halt to surround the bank. Armed with assault rifles, shotguns and the whole shebang, they proceeded to order a man out of a dated, four door car (and not just any car, this baby was about as big as an LTD). Just so happened the driver was a kid. The poor thing couldn’t have been more than 16 years old! I am positive he probably peed his pants. I have no idea what the heck caused the cops to swarm like that, but after the kid’s parents were called, and an hour of nothing happening besides a thorough pat down, the cops left and the boy went home (shaking) with his father. Clearly, the police department was misinformed. Probably, there was alot of paperwork involved. I tried to snoop online to find out what really happened, but the media didn’t cover it. I wish this town had a Gossip Girl. Things like that should be broadcast for entertainment.

(You Know You Can't Have Me... XOXO)

How it all ends…

The best part of my day is rushing to daycare to pick up my kids. They’re a crack-up, like their father. My son is six and he’s on this kick about pets. Here’s the latest conversation:

Little Guy: I want a garter snake

Me:Uh, I don’t think so.

Little Guy:Ugh, can I get a pet bat then?

Me: No. They have diseases.

Little Guy: Fine. I want a pet lion.

Me: We can’t afford to feed a lion.

Little Guy: Can’t I have ANYTHING? Do you even care about me???

Me: How about a nice fish?

Little Guy: A monkey is okay.

My daughter is a drama queen. She’s so much like me, it’s scary. Not only does she walk around the house singing her face off, but she’salso a goofball with a touch of sassy. She gets the goofball partfrom both my hubs and I. We like tocall it good genes. Ha.

I like to cook, so I am usually in the kitchen each evening making something that takes too long to prepare, turns my kitchen into a disaster zone, and usually with the end result of, “I’m not hungry, Mom!” Which results in us sitting at the table for an hour until they finish their food, and then another hour to clean up the mess left behind.

(I Don't Know How She Can Stand Them)

You are asking yourself by now, “Holy hell, when does this lady actually write???”

I write during my lunch break, in the evening after I put the munchkins to bed, and in the middle of the night when an idea strikes and I bolt upright in bed, turn on the lamp and startle my ancient laptop from Sleep mode. While it takes about three minutes (that might be an exaggeration) to turn on, I imagine opening a Christmas gift with an Ultrabook inside, the kind that has instant-on. When I finally am able to open a Word document, I write until my eyes can’t take it and fall grudgingly to sleep.

So that’s it. Nothing too exciting for me. That’s a normal day. My weekends are much more fun. Theyinvolve friends, laughter, usually alcohol, dressing up and showing off a pair of high heels. I’m usually the one who laughs too loud, but it’s only because my husband is always cracking me up. And when my best friend and I get together, we like to talk. A lot. We are quite certain we are the coolest people we know, bwah-haha!!! We used to have these Ghost Adventures marathons, enjoyed with Vodka tonics. The Vodka tonic part didn’t last long, though. It always ended indisaster. I am pretty sure you do not need me to explain that one.

My life is not glamorous, but I get to do what I love (write) while working a great day job that pays the bills, and have amazing people to share my life with. Plus, they all put up with my goofy side. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


So there you have it. Niecey Roy can't be superhuman to you.

Well, Niecey has an upcoming fic in November that I have no right to reveal till appointed time. But the blurb just stole my heart away. So expect a cover release and a pre-release review.

If you haven't checked out Fender Bender Blues...

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Follow Niecey Roy on Facebook and Twitter. She loves it when readers get social. Also check out her glamorous site.

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